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Feb. 24, 2017

We use MakeMeReach to do advertising campaigns on Facebook. We used to use Smartly but we recently switched because they had a 100% price increase. We really like MakeMeReach as we are able to automate campaigns and do A/B testing on them and you have a great reporting tool. Hootsuite has recently bought AdEspresso which does a similar thing.

Enrico Casati

Founder & CEO - Velasca

July 23, 2016

We managed to get a really good CTR rate in terms of audience targeting and got really good results from Facebook Ads. With the other 3, applicants do roll in, but Facebook Ads are really good because of the content and being able to pinpoint our target audience directly (something that isn’t as strong in Craigslist or Indeed).

Kevin Yun

Co-founder - Beau

April 1, 2016

Our marketing team uses AdEspresso to manage our Facebook. They use it to optimize our campaigns and figure out which banners work best.

Ryan Wenger

Co-founder & CEO - WhereFor

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AdEspresso - Best BI / Analytics Tools for Startups

AdEspresso is a Facebook Ads tool to create, analyze, and optimize Facebook advertising campaigns.

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