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Feb. 18, 2017

We use Basecamp a lot for managing our classroom. We have all the students join a basecamp project. It is great for classroom management.

Heather Payne

CEO - HackerYou

Dec. 20, 2016

Basecamp is great for small teams. It gets tricky when you try to assign priorities, track bugs vs. features vs. other tasks. Basecamp works more as a to-do list.

Derric Gilling

Co-founder & CEO - Moesif

Aug. 22, 2016

We found for our workflow that Trello is best. We started with Trello and tried every tool you could find, and came back to Trello. The flexibility of it works quite well. Trello is where we put our engineering cards. Basecamp is where we do full fledged discussions on our sales and marketing projects. Before we build a feature we do it in Basecamp, just because we need to make a bunch of screenshots. Trello isn’t great for long discussion threads--it doesn’t make attachments and comments obvious.

Adam Seabrook

Co-founder - Betterteam

Basecamp - Best Project Management Tools for Startups

Basecamp is a project management tool that blends power and ease of use. Most Stacklist users place it squarely in between Trello and Asana. Basecamp is not as simple as Trello, but not quite as complicated as Asana. Basecamp offers the out-of-the-box usability of Trello, but with the addition of helpful, practical features like a calendar, timelines, file-sharing and discussions. However, if customizability is important to you, Basecamp is not your best bet.

Which startups use Basecamp?

Though Basecamp has customers of all sizes and industries, among the Stacklist community it’s favored by Series A startups looking for a lightweight project management tool with additional functionality to help their team stay on the same page.

How much does Basecamp cost?

Basecamp has five pricing packages, defined by the number of active projects your company is involved in, as well how much storage space you need. It starts at $20 a month for 10 active projects and 3 GB of space. It then scales to $50 a month for 40 active projects and 15GB of space; $100 a month for 100 projects and 40GB; and $150 a month for unlimited projects and 100GB. Basecamp also has an annual package that goes for $3,000 a year, and includes unlimited projects, 500GB and priority support.

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