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Jan. 29, 2017

We use for transactional emails. I am a big fan--it pulls in all your events. We can send out emails on events that customers launch on the website and run drip campaigns. It is clean, and makes it easy to run A/B testings. It is very good for marketers as it doesn’t require technical skills. It is not meant for newsletter-style blasts.

Mattan Griffel

Co-founder & CEO - One Month

Jan. 13, 2017 has the best ways to segment customers. We use Segment to send email analytics to Amplitude and takes all that information, and then we can build different lists for customers who are on different plans, or who have used particular features. They have very good tools to do that, and then we send people very personalized marketing newsletters.

Brad Vogel

Co-founder & CTO - Mixmax

Sept. 22, 2016

We tried to use but we felt that it lacked on the user interface.

Perry Oostdam

Co-founder & CEO - Recruitee

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3%Stacklist Startups Are Using - Best Email Marketing Tools for Startups is an email marketing service that focuses on transactional emails (communications that automate customer service, like receipts or UPS tracking updates) and trigger emails (those that are a direct response to a user request or site visit, like signing up for a newsletter, being inactive for a specified period of time or updating their profile). It’s a technical and highly customizable tool that can really add value to complex email marketing workflows, though it’s not known for its speed and ease of use. It’s often the first choice among startups with hyper-specific segmentation needs.

Which startups use is most popular among small to midsized B2C startups, with a well-defined marketing funnel and enough technical support on hand to manage the implementation and customization of this complex and powerful tool.

How much does cost?’s basic (and free!) package includes 200 profiles and 400 monthly emails, and offers four upgrade possibilities with much greater capacity: $50 per month for 5,000 profiles and 10,000 emails; $250 per month for 50,000 profiles and 100,000 emails; $750 per month for 250,000 profiles and 500,000 emails; and finally $1,250 per month for 500,000 profiles and 1 million emails.

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