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May 21, 2017

HubSpot is pretty good. It picks up all the details of a contact whenever you add in their email address. It saves a lot of time. Their CRM makes it easy to look up and organize what you want to see in your reports. I like that you can organize everything in one place to get it together with your marketing campaigns.

Katerina Trajchevska

Co-founder & CEO - Adeva

May 12, 2017

We used to use HubSpot for keeping track of VC’s. But it was too much work, so we stopped. Now we just use Trello.

Stuart Sopp

Founder & CEO - Current

March 8, 2017

We are currently trying HubSpot. It seems to have great reach and integration.

Alain van Gils

Co-founder & CEO - T-shaped

HubSpot CRM - Best CRM Tools for Startups

HubSpot CRM provides tools for users to track every interaction with prospects and deals in one sharable, flexible, and searchable database.

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