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Feb. 9, 2017

We use Mailgun. It is similar to MailChimp--it is really simple and easy to set up. It’s free and more customizable for developers.

Jeremy O'Keefe

Founder & CEO - Yobi

Dec. 12, 2016

We use Mailgun for email infrastructure. We used to use Mandrill, but we moved to Mailgun because it’s way better.

Antoine Lefeuvre

Co-founder & Product Manager - MailClark

Aug. 11, 2016

We used to use Mandrill, which merged into MailChimp, but we’ve moved transactional emails to Mailgun and that’s been working well for us.

Andrew Josuweit

Co-founder & CEO - Student Loan Hero

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Mailgun - Best Email Marketing Tools for Startups

Mailgun is a developer-centric email marketing platform that is all about customization through APIs and code. It’s one of the most sophisticated email automation platforms around, with powerful APIs that allow users to easily send, receive and track emails. Users love Mailgun’s simple interface, easy integration, powerful segmentation capabilities and advanced reporting features--many of which come straight out of the box. Mailgun’s biggest competitor is Mandrill, another API-focused service owned by MailChimp.

How startups use Mailgun?

Mailgun’s users run the gamut in terms of size and growth stage, but all have the high-level development skills (or staff) to be able to use the solution to its fullest.

How much does Mailgun cost?

Mailgun charges by individual email, each costing a fraction of a fraction of a cent. The first 10,000 emails are free; the next 500,000 are $0.0005 per email; the next 1 million are $0.00035; the next 5 million are $0.00015; and anything beyond that is $0.0001. Simple, right?

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