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July 23, 2016

I use Quip for a lot of things. Quip is awesome and is one of the best products I’ve come across. They set the bar really high.

Marat Stary

Co-founder & CEO - getPartnered

Nov. 26, 2015

On the development side, we use Quip and Trello.

Gia Hua

Head of Finance - Dots

Oct. 2, 2015

We use Quip for collaborative documents, and we like their wiki. Wiki software, in general, is really bad, but Quip is the best I’ve seen. Quip’s interface is so much better than Google Drive. With Google Drive, every file is tied to an individual, rather than having team files. With Quip, if you’re in your team’s folder, you have access to everything. It is not based on the idea that one person owns a certain file. And Quip’s interface, especially on mobile, is so much better than Google Drive.

Owen Thomas

Editorial Director & Editor-in-Chief - ReadWrite

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