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Feb. 18, 2017

It’s great using Quip to go into all of our documents and having all of the details about it in the document. We use Trello less because we can open a Quip doc with different items in it, so we don’t ever have to refer to a board or card.

Mike Nelson

Co-founder and Business Development - Really Good Emails

Feb. 18, 2017

Quip is where we store company documents, such as project ideas, legal items, advertising info, etc. Every time a document is updated or changed regarding what we are working on, it lets all of us know.

Mike Nelson

Co-founder and Business Development - Really Good Emails

July 23, 2016

I use Quip for a lot of things. Quip is awesome and is one of the best products I’ve come across. They set the bar really high.

Marat Stary

Co-founder & CEO - getPartnered

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Quip - Best File Sharing Tools for Startups

Quip is on the quest to be the ultimate project management tool, to help you and your team be productive without email. Quip is document management, spreadsheets, checklists and chat in one suite.

Quip is easily accessible from desktop, mobile or web apps, making it easy to see any of your shared folders. You'll have all of your files in one place and can tag people, share documents, and add due dates to any assignments that get created in a Quip file.

Quip has a variety of features that set it apart from other file sharing or project management options. Quip has a very clean typing interface that makes creating documents a pleasant experience. When other team members are working on a document, you'll always be on the most up to date version, so there's no confusion about old documents. Documents have a sidebar where you can see any comments and activity that has happened on the document. The Quip sidebar also makes for easy access to notifications, other documents, and teammates.

Quip documents can be shared with people in your team, or externally via a shareable link. You have full control over who can edit the documents you share.

With all these bells and whistles, the one thing that you feel about Quip's product is that it is very collaborative. It makes everything more transparent when working with other people.

How startups use Quip?

Startups use Quip to manage projects and documents. For teams that focus heavily on content writing, Quip is perfect for collaborating on documents.

Startups also use Quip to keep a living document of files they want to keep up to date, like financial documents. You can have all of these documents in one organized place.

Remote teams or team members will also find using Quip to be a great way to stay connected to projects and documents. You'll be able to stay connected and collaborate on documents with team members in real time from your laptop or phone.

How much does Quip cost?

Quip has two pricing plans for small businesses and enterprises. The SMB plan is $30 per month for a team of five, and then $12 per additional user per month.

The Enterprise plan is $25 per month per user.

Standout Features

Super Powered Document Management

Quip is super powered document management plus project management. The result is a great productivity platform for teams. Quip documents are created or imported into folders. You can share folders with team members, and then everyone who has access to that folder has access to any documents in it. There is no one single owner of a Quip document.

Quip gives you notifications whenever a document is updated. Since Quip documents are living documents, team members are always going to be working on the latest version of it.

Team members can comment on different parts of a Quip document with in-line commenting. In-line commenting is great for cutting down on email threads or status update meetings.

Live Activity Feed

Quip calls its Activity Feed the Inbox. But, it isn't like your email inbox. Instead, you'll see updates about any document you are keeping track of to see what your team is doing and stay on top of any changes to documents.

With larger teams, you might have a fear that your Quip Inbox would get very noisy, but there are different notification settings and filter views that you can set up to only see the changes that are the highest priority.

The Quip inbox is a great way to cut down on email and also makes it easy to get a high-level view of what is going on with your team.

Great Mobile App

Brett Taylor, the founder & CEO of Quip was a previous Facebook CTO when Zuckerburg decided to make the company mobile-first. Brett has taken that view and focus into Quip, creating a great mobile app. The app is snappy and intuitive and makes it easy to work and collaborate with other team members anytime and anywhere.

Quip Complaints

There aren't many complaints that we can give or hear about Quip. It's overall a great product, and their word processing is simple, clean and slightly addictive to use.

Some complaints about Quip can relate to how folders can get a bit cluttered, and formatting options. Quip does not give a lot of options regarding formatting and typography. It's very Medium-esque.

Other complaints revolve around their spreadsheet functionality as it is not as robust as Microsoft Excel.

As a word processing tool, I wish there was an integration with Grammarly.

Useful Integrations

Quip has a lot of different integrations, but some of the cooler ones are with Salesforce, Dropbox, Slack, and Zendesk.

We've mentioned earlier about the Quip + Salesforce integration. Quip was acquired by Salesforce in August 2016 and is making their product more integrated with the Salesforce ecosystem.

You can integrate other popular tools like Dropbox and Slack with Quip. You'll be able to see notifications and updates from Slack or Dropbox in a Quip channel/conversation thread. If you integrate Zendesk with Quip, any support tickets that come in will give you a notification in Quip.


4.5/5. Google Drive on Steroids.

Vendor info

Visit the website: https://quip.com/

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