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May 23, 2017

Slack helped us significantly reduce the amount of emails that we used to send in the past. It works great for the quick questions. It’s an awesome tool.

Paul Schwenk

SVP of Engineering - Lola Travel

May 23, 2017

Slack has no cons for us--it works great. It is the number one tool we use.

Chandra Duggirala

CEO - Fuel

May 21, 2017

Slack is good, easy, and simple. One of the advantages is that you can integrate it with different technologies. It also has useful alerts.

Pere Codina

Co-founder & CEO - Kompyte

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Slack - Best Internal Communication Tools for Startups

Slack is an internal communication tool that helps companies stay transparent by funneling otherwise isolated conversations into one, easily navigated location. Slack creates channels for designated conversations, allowing members to stay in the loop and read archived discussions on the topic at hand. Slack stands out for its usability and stellar integrations, which make pulling files from other apps a snap. Slack also adds an element of fun to the package, giving users the ability to add custom emojis to the conversation to spice up the workday. Slack is one of the more expensive internal communications tools on the market, but its ease of use and integrations make it the most popular, as well.

How startups use Slack?

Slack’s overwhelming popularity extends to companies of all sizes and stages--it’s used just as frequently by Seed-stage startups as by their enterprise equivalents.

How much does Slack cost?

Free to use for an infinite number of users! Upgrades add additional features, controls and integrations, starting at $6.67/user/month for the Standard package, and $12.50/user/month for the Plus package. By the end of 2015, Slack plans to roll out an Enterprise package that will ring in at $40/user/month.

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