Founder Feature

  • Founder: Gregg Carey, Co-founder & VP of Operations
  • Company: Voxy
  • Employees: 10-50
  • Stage: Series B

About Voxy

Voxy is the first cloud-based English learning platform that has the capacity to adapt to students’ unique learning needs in real time. With a broad range of dynamic content, and integrated live instruction, Voxy is able to design high-quality courses tailored specifically for each learner.

Gregg Carey, Voxy

About Gregg Carey
Gregg’s experience in the technology world includes posts at Sapient, STA Group and founding Bunkhouse Media. In 2010, he co-founded Voxy, the first cloud-based English learning platform; his roles there have included head of product, VP of operations and VP of people operations.

When it comes to selecting tools, how would you advise a new startup?
There are certainly tools that are helpful and essential, but the most important thing is to first create the internal processes and discipline that define your organization and make you successful and productive. We definitely fell into the "tool churn mentality" in the beginning, where we tried a number of tools that didn’t work for us, and we switched tools or brought on more, thinking the issue was with the tools themselves. I would warn anyone about this trap: Before you bring on too many tools, have your processes set up, know what you need, and find the tools that fit into your established processes--not the other way around.

Are there certain tools you would tell a startup not to use?
I’m very wary of tools that are themselves startups. A lot of them are just early-stage companies that have a concept, and they get caught up in their product roadmap. The next thing you know, your success is contingent on their product, and it winds up being more of a headache than it’s worth. Some startups get caught up in these situations because they want to support the startup community and feel empowered utilizing a startup tool--but there are definitely red flags to look out for. I tend to look for established companies that are well on their way to success, have a big employee workforce and are already scaling and raising real money.

How much of a factor was cost as you selected your tools and services?
This is an internal discipline that we’ve built and are very proud of. We always consider cost and weigh it against the value of the tool we’re considering.

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