Building & Managing an Engineering Team

Building software is the most intimidating part of early growth for many of us entrepreneurs. For the non-technical among us, from day 1, we’re wondering whether it might make sense to work with outsourced teams and consultants till we “learn more” about the product. Either direction we choose, we have to figure what qualities and […]

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Organic Marketing: Strategies for Startups

Join us on February 12th as we celebrate marketers and founders who have run successful organic marketing campaigns on virtually no budget. This is a panel discussion to help you think outside the box of what is possible in marketing right now. When you’re in the early stages of your startup, it can be hard […]

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Building a Marketplace Startup

Description Marketplace startups, essentially liaisons between vendors and consumers, have been shifting business models across many industries. Investors and entrepreneurs see this as a promising model – but growing and scaling a marketplace startup isn’t easy. The complex dynamic of internal marketplace economies is difficult to define and master. On February 26, join us and […]

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An Inside Look at Y Combinator

Description Every year, thousands of startups apply to Y Combinator, hoping to join the ranks of alumni like Dropbox, Airbnb, Stripe, and Reddit. But the application process is tough – 99% of applicants don’t get in. Those startups that get accepted join a unique and powerful accelerator. They get into a 3 month program that […]

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Case Studies on Product Development at Startups

In the early stages of developing a product that people will love, bringing the quality you envision to life can be daunting. Being persistent in efforts to create and test your product designs is key. Building your best product possible is crucial to marketability and user experience. There need to be thoughtful considerations to what the […]

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Building a Fintech Startup

Fintech innovation is bursting in the NYC startup community and around the country. Fintech companies raised more than $39 billion in venture capital in 2018 (up 15% compared to 2017), while funding levels surged 120%. Although funding levels slowed down in 2019, fintech startups still raised over $24 billion in venture capital Q1-Q3. In this […]

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