Equity & Compensation: Advice for Founders

How do you compensate early employees? For early-stage startups, even well-funded startups, it can be intimidating to arrive at the right comp. You want to hire the best people, but you’re resource-constrained and you have to be savvy about the non-cash components of a comp package, like title, equity, stock options, commission, profit sharing, benefits, […]

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Building a Direct-to-Consumer Startup

Building a Direct-to-Consumer Startup Direct-to-consumer (D2C) startups have revolutionized e-commerce and disintermediated and redefined retail. From startups to growth-stage companies, the D2C business model has become increasingly popular. With the rise of social media, and online tools like Shopify and Stripe, entrepreneurs have never had an easier time creating an online shop and selling their […]

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Building a Restaurant Startup

Building a Restaurant Startup Fast-casual restaurants are on the rise, with investors and entrepreneurs looking for the next break-out successes like Shake Shack or Sweetgreen (the latter of which just became the first-ever restaurant unicorn). With the recent attention to new fast-casual restaurants, savvy entrepreneurs are figuring out the pillars that will put their restaurant […]

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Pricing Your Product: Pricing Strategies for Startups

“If you picked your price once and never changed it, it’s probably wrong.” – Phil Libin, Co-founder & CEO of Evernote Pricing is marketing, and possibly the most important piece of marketing. Pricing is a powerful tool that influences how consumers value your product and helps your company maximize profit. With thoughtful pricing, you can […]

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Venture Capital Advice for Startups: Panel and Pitch Night

For entrepreneurs considering the venture capital path for their startups, we know the road can be daunting. For most of us, we’re having to build a brand new skillset when the stakes couldn’t be higher. How do we time our raise? What’s the right valuation? And what’s the best way to build conversations and relationships […]

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Diversity & Inclusion Advice for Startups

“Diversity and inclusion is no longer just a niche concern for HR, or just tech companies or just among women. It’s now front-page news. And it’s going global.” – Sarah Nahm, Co-founder & CEO of Lever In a 2018 followup study by McKinsey, they reaffirmed that companies that prioritize diversity and inclusion perform better than […]

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