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10jul6:30 pm9:00 pmProduct Marketing Advice for Early-Stage Startups


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“Good product marketing makes it easy to explain what you do, why you do it, and who it’s for.” – Gaetano DiNardi, VP of Marketing at SalesHacker

Many forward-thinking startups have found a certain job function to be critical to their growth: product marketing.

What is it? It’s how developers know what features to add or remove in the next versions of their product. It’s how marketers know how to best position, message, and price their product. It’s how sales teams are enabled to close more deals by better understanding their product and how to sell it.

For early-stage founders, there’s a lot in common (and a lot to learn) from product marketers. With a well-crafted product marketing strategy, early-stage startups can create products that are delightful for their users, drive more conversions, and keep existing customers from churning.

Join us as we sit down with product marketers and founders to discuss

  • Creating a product marketing strategy
  • Collaborating between sales, development, and marketing teams
  • Testing prototypes and MVPs
  • Messaging & positioning strategies for your product
  • Collecting feedback and iterating
  • Managing and hiring product marketers

About the panelists

  • Hudson Gaines-Ross, Co-founder of Plant People – Hudson is an NYC-based serial entrepreneur who has started multiple brands in the CPG and ecommerce industries. Hudson is a Co-founder of RISE, a rapidly growing nitro cold brew coffee company and the Founder of CROSBY, a branding and business strategy firm, which has worked with notable clients, such as, A24, Chobani, addidas, 1906, TULA, Spartan, prose, Playboy and Ritual. Prior to these ventures, Hudson served as a Founding Team member and COO at ALOHA, a venture-backed ecommerce CPG wellness brand. Hudson got his early start in entrepreneurship and startup environments when launching Gilt Groupe’s Home, Food&Wine, and international expansions to 120+ countries. His passion is making the small things matter and the big things matter even more. Hudson is a graduate of Brown University.
  • Jon Chang, Product Markter at IBM – Jon is a 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 list maker, an expert digital, growth, and product marketer, and a recognized global educator and keynote speaker. He’s currently an IBM Watson product marketer and New York University Adjunct Faculty of Social Media and Web Analytics. Jon further demonstrates his passion for marketing by teaching at General Assembly, while also advising the education nonprofit Exploration Summer Programs. Previously at Kickstarter, Stack Overflow, and MakerBot.
  • Jorie Walsdorf, Director of Product Marketing at Breather – Jorie has worked extensively in product marketing and brand management, bringing the two together in her current role at Breather where she has been focused on their GTM in the flexible office category – expanding their Space-as-a-service product lines. Her previous marketing experience includes Google Pay, Johnson & Johnson and launching (or-relaunching) over 20 brands at the agency Red Antler, recently recognized as a Fast Company most innovative companies for marketing and advertising.
  • Kyle Hoff, Co-founder & CEO of Floyd – Kyle pursued architecture and entrepreneurship in his undergrad and has a Master’s degree in architecture from the University of Michigan. Although Kyle worked for architecture firms in San Francisco and Chicago after graduation, he relentlessly pursued launching his own business working evenings and mornings. While moving between cities, he realized that traditional furniture didn’t work for how he was living and a pain point he sought to solve. While in Chicago, after spending a weekend attempting to get to IKEA, Kyle set out to develop a better design & experience. After cold-calling dozens of factories in the Midwest & getting turned down, he finally had a prototype for the first product: a set of table legs that packed up easily & allowed an individual to create a table with any surface. At Floyd, Kyle leads vision, as well as driving supply chain growth, product development, and strengthening Floyd’s manufacturing partnerships.


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