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The 5 Best Coworking Spaces in LA

As we’ve written about previously, coworking spaces are a great option for startups. Networking abilities, events, and perks, all makes these offices ideal. And, perhaps above all, it’s a very agile option for the startup that wants to remain lean and flexible through the early stages of growth. 

The City of Angels is famed for its beautiful weather, beaches, and its innovative spirit. Venture Capital in Los Angeles is on the up and up. Los Angeles received $4.5 billion in venture capital investment in 2015. We did some research and identified the 5 most exciting coworking spaces in the city. If you’re in Los Angeles or hiring a remote employee, check out these spaces! 

Cross Campus is one of the most compelling coworking spaces we found in LA, with truly great speakers in beautifully designed spaces. With locations in Downtown LA, Pasadena, Santa Monica, and a space opening in South Bay, there is always a convenient location near you. 

The best feature about this space is its never ending stream of events. You can have personalized introductions to mentors 4x a month. Additionally, there are office hours with serial entrepreneurs, experts, and investors. 

It has some nice perks too. There is a well-stocked bar, and you get local discounts as well as credits at AWS and RackSpace. 

Pricing: Prices vary depending on location, but for the Downtown LA office a virtual office costs $50/month, part-time coworking costs $150/month, full-time coworking costs $300/month (discounted), and a reserved desk costs $50/month (also discounted). Office price depends on the amount of employees.

Also located in Downtown LA, Rhubarb Studios is great if you are looking for hands on training and attention to help train and grow your team. With many options for training, Rhubarb Studios invests a good bit of time in their businesses. One of the founders was a teacher at General Assembly. 

They offer a variety of workshops. Their 1-day “balanced team workshop” will teach you how to run “agile and lean teams.” Their 1-week “design sprint” will result with a tested prototype. Their 5-month “build + team” program is the most intensive course and will guide you through the process of establishing a startup and leave you with a highly trained team and a product in the marketplace. 

There is also a startup school to train you in product management and startup tactics. So far, they’ve trained 33 teams. 

Pricing: Not immediately available.

Blankspaces was one of the highest reviewed coworking spaces in LA on Yelp, so we thought we’d take a look. And we see why Yelp reviewers really like it, highly recommending the “environment.” It has multiple locations in Mid-Wilshire, Downtown LA, and Hollywood. 

The spaces are beautiful and well designed. They not only make you feel comfortable, but they also remind you that this is a workstation you want to be at. 

Blankspaces provides the basic amenities seen in many coworking spaces. It also has a huge amount of events that focus on peer mentorship. Plus there are free days to try it out! This is a good way to go check out the space and see if you could actually work there by, well, working there. 

Pricing: Prices and availability vary. In Mid-Wilshire, a virtual office costs $135/month, a workstation costs $675/month, and a private office costs $1,250/month. 

Kleverdog is all about its tight knit community and its great Chinatown location. While Los Angeles is famed – and criticized in many instances – for being a driving city, Kleverdog is conveniently located next to public transportation. 

Kleverdog was featured on many best coworking lists in LA. One fun perk is that your furry friends are allowed in the office! Kleverdog advertises that their close community inspires collaboration and innovation in its members, leading to more prosperous startups and better thought out ideas. According to them, solitude is replaced by community. 

Pricing: Drop-ins cost $25/day, part-time flex costs $150/month, the most popular option of full time flex costs $275/month, a studio desk will cost $375/month, and a private office costs $1,200/month.

Indie Desk is the oldest coworking space in Downtown Los Angeles. Unlike other coworking spaces, they prize the quiet of the office and the fact that you have your own dedicated workspace as their biggest draws. It’s also cheaper than some of the other coworking spaces we’ve seen. 

While the community aspect of working spaces can be great to some, they are not for all. If you are more of an introvert, we recommended you check out Indie Desk. According to Indie Desk, it is “very quiet;” there are “no distractions.” Many times remote workers are just looking for a place to get their work done.   

Pricing: A daily pass costs $20, a shared desk begins at $150/month, a dedicated desk will cost $275 a month, and team spaces begin at $650/month.

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