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7 New Tools to Check Out



Choozle blends the power of big data and real-time advertising into a simplified platform to fit every marketer.“Choozle lets you see who you’re really attracting to your site… It makes the insights and programmatics very accessible and simple to use.”

– Jeff Ernst, Co-founder and CEO of Smync

Content Marketing


Webflow is a web design tool, CMS, and hosting platform in one, giving users the power to build responsive websites visually with a drag and drop design.

“It’s a fantastically designed website creation tool that doesn’t require knowing any code.”

– Tad Milbourn, Co-founder & CEO of Payable



RescueTime helps people understand their daily habits so they can focus and be more productive.

“RescueTime is a really good quantifying tool. It tells me where I am spending most of my time and helps me analyze my productivity.”

– Kate Kendall, Founder & CEO of CloudPeeps


Gorgias is a Chrome extension that makes writing messages easier using templates.

“…when you’re in Gmail, when you type in a related phrase, and push Tab, it fills in the whole canned response right into your email.”

– Daniel Kushner, Founder & CEO of Oktopost

Slack Integrations


Statsbot is a Slack bot to keep your team informed about metrics.

“I can ask Statsbot to produce a Google Analytics chart for me, which more than anything, is so much fun”

– Shanon Marks, President of MU/DAI


Slackline allows you to collaborate better with other companies.

“It works really well for people without Slack.”

– Leore Avidar, Co-founder & CEO of Lob


PartyLine’s custom slash command lets you use the power of Sprintly right from within Slack.

“PartyLine is great to create, delete and manage GitHub issues right from Slack using simple commands.”

– Jason Shah, Founder & CEO of Do

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