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9 New Stacklist Tools We Love!

At Stacklist, we get a frontrow seat to the new and innovative tools that startups are using to help their business grow. From CRM to shipping, these 9 tools are great solutions to the most important challenges startups face!

For accounting …
Quaderno: “Automatic accounting for smart businesses.” Stacklisted by Gorgias

For shipping …
EasyPost: “The Simple Shipping API.” Stacklisted by Rocksbox

For communication …
Screenhero: “Better than working in the same room.” Stacklisted by Doughbies

For Hiring …
Calibre One: “Executive search that leaves no stone unturned.” Stacklisted by Peerlyst, Inc.

For data & analytics …
Kibana: “Explore & visualize your data.” Stacklsited by Gigwell

For mobile app data & analytics …
MightySignal: “Hard-to-get-data on every mobile app right at your fingertips.”

For email marketing …
Klaviyo: “Email marketing that makes more money & reduces spam.” Stacklisted by Smart Lunches

For payments …
GoCardless: “Recurring payments made simple,” especially for European startups. Stacklisted by DOZ

For email analytics & sales ….
Nova.ai: “3x the meetings, 1/2 the time.” Stacklist by Gigwell

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