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8 Stacklists, 500 Startups

500 Startups is one of the most famous startup accelerators out there. 500 Startups was founded in 2010 and has funded over 1,500 companies in more than 50 countries. We’re fans of the 500-Startups way. What’s that? They embrace badassery (see homepage) and, on the About-us page … “Think you’re crazy? We are too.” 

Many founders who stacklist are alums of 500 Startups. We were watching some of their pitch day videos recently, and we thought, “Hey, let’s check out which of our Stacklisters have graduated from 500 Startups.”


“The World’s Largest Local Bakery”

We’re betting there were some punny lines when Doughbies joined a batch at 500 startups. While food startups that provide full meals or serve the health conscious market are blowing up, Doughbies is cornering the baked goods market in California, offering same day delivery on tasty cookies and treats to the Bay Area. With a growing variety of cookies, Doughbies is set to rival the established Insomnia Cookies in the future. It was painful, but we decided to try out Doughbies ourselves. YUM.

500 Startups Batch: 11th Mountain View batch in early 2015

Stacklist Insights: We spoke with the co-founder and CEO, Daniel Conway, and one of his favorite tools was Streak. “I love Streak!”


“Sell More with Awesome Product Photos”

Pixc is a company that helps you make better product images. They were previously involved with the muru-D accelerator. Pixc is helpful because it removes the background from pictures, focusing on your product and making it easier to craft images that you can put on your online website or store. 

500 Startups Batch:  13th batch in Mountain View

Stacklist Insights: Holly Cardew, Pixc’s founder and CEO, said that 500 Startups recommended everyone download Mixpanel.


“The Shipping API for Ecommerce”

Shippo connects you to the biggest shippers out there, so you as a merchant get the best deal. You can then manage all your packages from an easy to use dashboard. It only takes a couple of minutes to set up, so you can start shipping right away.

500 Startups Batch: 1st batch in San Francisco

Stacklist Insights: Shippo’s marketing manager, Shan Lian, loves Slack.


“Marketing Software and On-Demand Marketers”

When mentioning Doz, the phrase often thrown around is “the Uber of marketing.” Doz outsources marketing for you. While you still design the campaigns on Doz software, you then outsource it to local marketers who are more familiar with their niche markets and have years of experience. They just launched an automatic quote tool, so you can better understand how much your campaigns are going to cost. 

500 Startups Batch: 1st batch in San Francisco

Stacklist Insights: We spoke with co-founder and CEO, Anji Ismail, who said Zoho was great for managing international business.


“Same Day VIP Bottle Service”

BottlesTonight is dedicated to making sure you have a good time out. By getting discounts on cover and bottle service at some of the hottest clubs across the country, BottlesTonight aims to make sure you have an experience like Taylor Swift’s “22” video.

500 Startups Batch: 16th batch

Stacklist Insights: Bottlestonight co-founder and CEO, John Rushworth, advised that Salesforce changed his business and was a big improvement over Excel.


“Dates, Not Texts”

Whim is a dating app that is trying to create actual dates. Unlike its competitors, which can results in a lot of talk, but few real dates, Whim cuts through the chatter. It is currently looking at expanding into new markets outside of California.

500 Startups Batch: 10th batch in San Francisco

Stacklist Insights: Eve Peters, founder and CEO of Whim, thinks Trello is great for smaller teams.


“Instant 1:1 Help from Expert Developers”

Codementor is a 500 Startups and Y Combinator alum. This startup is changing the way we teach coding online. Instead of prerecorded videos on coding, students interact with real teachers who can give instant feedback. They have partnered with Andela to expand their teaching into Africa.

Stacklist Insights: Weiting Liu, founder and CEO, thought Stripe was really easy to integrate.


“Book Appointments for Anything”

In April of 2015, MyTime raised $9.25M in their Series B. MyTime helps you book appointments with local small businesses. You can even book same day. They offer services in a huge number of areas, ranging from pets to massages. For small businesses, this is a great way to expand your client base.

Stacklist Insights: Founder and CEO, Ethan Anderson, thinks New Relic is great for finding performance problems.

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