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Presentations Galore! The Best Graphic Design Tools for Your Pitch, Fundraising, & Marketing Decks

Designing a presentation doesn’t have to be a time consuming, paper tearing, frustrating event. Instead, as you try to create the perfect graphic designs for your pitches, fundraising, and marketing decks, you can use one or more of the following tools. 

From tools that make creating powerful designs a breeze to receiving feedback from knowledgeable professionals, these are the tools and software that you need to succeed.

Make Graphic Design Fun AndEasy

Making brilliant graphic is significantly easier when you use the following community-endorsed design tools. Whether you need to create a new slide deck or want to get the graphics just right for your email marketing campaign, the following tools should be in your design stacklist.


InVision is a project management tool that greatly assists in design collaboration. It is used by approximately seven percent of Stacklist startups. Users comment that it is perfect for “mockups and design.” It is also “influential before even writing the code” on a website or digital communication, which is incredibly important as your company prepares to launch or introduce new features. When designing a deck before launch, having mockups of your product will be helpful in explaining your vision.

InVision is the ideal tool to help you perfectly visualize your design and UX mock-up before you have gone too far into the design process. The program is known for having a comprehensive suite of features that can meet an incredibly wide range of design needs. One of the top features is the ability to have “instant code transfer,” which enables you to switch between experimental models and real-time presentations to review the latest design elements. It is due to these features that users from all sized companies and industries love to use InVision.


As the name suggests, Sketch gives the power, speed, and flexibility back to amateur and professional designers. It is a lightweight and easy to use application that can help a graphic artist do what he or she does best–design. In fact, many users comment that Sketch is a dynamic, yet easier to use version of Photoshop that has been perfectly crafted for the newbie designer. Latif Nanji, the co-founder & CEO of Roadmunk says:

“Sketch came along and redid Photoshop by making it easier for the layperson. Our designers use Sketch, but I’m still more familiar with UXPin. Sketch is better for layering and coloring…If I was starting over, I would be a Sketch user.”

In addition, Sketch is perfect for figuring out the ideal layering and coloring for any design. With Sketch in your repertoire of design tools, you will be able to create the dynamic images that you need to help your design stand out and thrive. Whether it is retouching a photograph, creating a logo from scratch, or adding a design element to a pre-existing template, Sketch is here to help you get the job done quickly, effectively, and with a creative flare!


Creating graphic designs shouldn’t be a frustrating process. It also shouldn’t mean that you need to hire a graphic artist for every single project. 

Enter Canva

Canva is the graphic design tool that is amazingly simple, yet delivers brilliant results. It combines the drag and drop design tool with a pre-stocked library of more than one million stock photos, graphic elements, and fonts. In this way, Canva is more than your typical “click and drop” graphic design tool.

Canva can help you to design eye-catching social media ads, email headers, or presentation graphics. Many users say that Canva helps them to “make sure there’s a consistent feel” for the company’s brand and image. One of the best parts about Canva is that it is so easy to use, you can literally create a brilliant graphic design in minutes.


If you and your marketing team members are looking for a graphic design tool that is scalable, efficient, and generates high-quality results, then look no further than SketchDeck. SketchDeck is known for creating high-quality marketing assets practically on demand, and for making great presentations. Divey Gulati, the co-founder of ShipBob says:

“SketchDeck is awesome. They helped refine our Seed and Series A presentations. It worked out great!”

As an online tool, SketchDeck will allow you and your team to create a project in minutes. Within 24 hours you and your team will receive a first draft. This draft will help you to more easily determine if your marketing collateral is on the right track. All that’s left to do is share your feedback and receive the final content.

While SketchDeck is a little bit on the pricier side, it is a great tool for anyone who needs to create marketing assets at a higher speed, without losing out on quality. Aside from the professional-grade quality, SketchDeck is designed to deliver marketing materials that stay within your established brand guidelines. From creative directors to project managers to the summer intern, anyone involved in the process of creating powerful graphics at a high volume loves SketchDeck.


Work faster, smarter, and better with Balsamiq. If you love using a whiteboard to create graphics, but then struggle to transfer your “brilliant design” to a digital composition, Balsamiq is the tool for you. This unique tool reproduces the experiencing of using a whiteboard on your computer. 

With the help of Balsamiq, you can create mockups as quickly as you can generate ideas. A few of the benefits that you can enjoy when you choose Balsamiq for your design process:

  • Smooth collaboration
  • Focus on functionality
  • Drag and drop simplicity
  • Click through prototypes

With these features, Balsamiq will help you create nice wireframes of your product to better present your product and ideas.


Sponseasy is a great tool for generating professional-grade slide decks. While only one percent of Stacklist users are currently leveraging the power of Sponseasy, it is anticipated that the number of companies benefiting from this design tool will continue to increase. In fact, Sponseasy is one of the top solutions for helping startups and growing companies create sponsorship decks, generate post-event reports, and manage entire sponsorship campaigns.

With Sponseasy, you can reduce the time it takes to generate sponsorship proposals for any event. The easy to use templates let you customize your proposal within minutes, instead of spending hours worrying about formatting in traditional design programs. In three easy steps, your proposal can be ready. Simply describe your event, customize your proposal, and manage your campaign. It’s that easy.


Slidebean is a design tool that allows companies to “create beautiful slides in seconds.” The premise of this tool is that companies will be able to create professional, high-quality slide decks in a matter of minutes. 

The software separates content from design, so that you can focus on vital content creation, while letting the software handle the nuances of design. Finally, formatting is automatically completed, which greatly reduces the time, hassle, and design skill needed to create a beautiful slide deck. 

From easy to upload content and improved collaboration techniques, to the improved ability to readily share your slide deck, Slidebean is a go-to tool for many companies.

The Bottom Line: Choose The Design Tools That Are Right For You

Are you ready to begin designing? Did you see a tool that sounds like the perfect match? Are you still searching for the right graphic design software? No matter your answers to the latter questions, remember that creating brilliant graphic designs means choosing the tools that are right for you. 

Whether you are ready to start designing a new webpage, want to create the perfect newsletter, or need to redo your digital graphics, take a moment to try out each of the tools and find your ideal fit. With the right graphic design tools in your stacklist, creating inspiring graphics can quickly become a reality.

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