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Beta Test the New Stacklist Recommendation Engine

We have a good problem on our hands. 450 awesome founders have shared more than 1400 tools that have helped their startups grow. And they’ve submitted more than 7,000 reviews of these tools in the process. 

The data is abundant and rich, but it’s a lot. And the mission of Stacklist is to make tool decisions easier and smarter so that entrepreneurs can stay focused on growing their business. With founders taking the time to share their business stacks, the onus is on us to make the information useful and actionable to the entire community. 

We are thrilled to announce the beta of our new tool recommendation engine. It’s our first release of a product that will ultimately provide entrepreneurs with fast, simple, targeted, custom feedback on the best business tools for their startup to use.

How to use the it.

1) Go to the Recommendation Engine Beta.

2) Enter some basic info about your startup (where relevant): size, funding stage, model & sector.

3) Enter your email address

4) Scroll right to see our recommendations by category

Why we love it.

  • 15 seconds and you’re good to go. You’re busy, so we only ask you 4 question to produce a set of top recommendations across every business category, including accounting, content marketing, HR and analytics.
  • Input from startups. Output for startups. These tool recommendations are based on the trends among startups – what people like you in startups like yours like to use.
  • It’s smart. We use Google’s Cloud Prediction API to analyze startups’ tool usage data and make predictions about what other similar startups should use. For example, if you’re a seed stage company with <10 employees, we’ll what other seed-stage companies with <10 employees are using, 
  • And it keeps learning. We use Google’s Cloud Machine Learning so that our recommendations get better every day.
  • It looks so nice! *insert brush-off-shoulder emoji* 🙂

Where are we going with this? Some of the releases we’ll be making in the next few months will continue to improve the experience and quality of output:

  • We will be incorporating sentiment analysis from founder reviews. Your recommendations will then be based not only on what other companies use but on what they like.
  • We’ll drill down at the category level. For each category, like email marketing or HR, we’ll collect more specific information to help us make stronger recommendations – like subscriber count (for email marketing), numbers of 1099 vs. W-2 teammates (for payroll) or hiring projections (for HR)
  • End-user feedback. Users will be able to can indicate quickly whether they’re happy with the recommendation and intend to use the tool. 

Try it. Share it. Talk to us

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