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A Day in Slack

Along with 66% of startups on Stacklist, Slack is part of the lifeblood of Stacklist. In our channel, called #danger (we’re badass, right?), we spend all day sending ideas, proposals, and the occasional gif (our founder Amanda loves the gifs, don’t you Amanda). Basically, we live in Slack.

And that got us thinking about what a day through the Slack lens would look like. So, we’ve compiled our daily itinerary, from waking up to leaving work. 

Here’s our day in Slack:


7:30 AM  – How hot is it?

You roll over in bed. It’s late July, let’s hope it’s not too hot out. Check out Poncho. Poncho allows you to check the weather forecast in any zip code, with some fun emojis. NYC today? High of 96 degrees. Great. Fantastic. Time to get sweaty on the subway.

8:00 AM – Team roundup

All hands meetings are for everyday, but it’s still good to know where everyone on your team stands and what they’ve been doing. In the morning just rely on Nikabot. Nikabot will automatically ask everyone on your team what they’ve been up to and send you a report.

8:20 AM ­– Are you happy today?

How are you feeling this morning? How’s your mood? Are you feeling like Lana Del Rey in Ultraviolence or like “The Suburbs” by Mr. Little Jeans – I’m channeling those vibes. Oskar will check your happiness and that of your team. Immediately find out who on your team is struggling and who is doing well. This will also keep remote teams from feeling isolated.

9:00 AM – Congratulate a coworker on a job well done

You saw him sitting at his desk as you were leaving at 8:00 last night. He had grubhub open, and you knew he would be there all night. And, when you arrive in the office, he’s finished the project. Use growbot to congratulate him. The bot will count the amount of kudos everyone gets, and you can compete with your coworkers.

10:00 AM – Recapping yesterday

Awesome will show you a list of highlights and recaps of what has been discussed in the channel. This is a great to refresh yourself as to what projects you need to be paying attention to and what has already been done, so you’re not asking a coworker for the same thing twice.

11:00 AM – Time to whine

I know. He’s so annoying. I can hear him sucking on the end of his pen. But who is going to want to hear me complain (a frequent problem I run into)? Introducing, Ellie – a psychotherapist Slack bot. She’ll seem generally interested about your problems, so you let loose on anyone or thing that is bothering you.


11:50 AM ­­– Schedule your time off

Everyone needs a break occasionally. There’s no better time than lunch to fantasize about the great big outdoors and the wild nature that lives within. Well now you can plan for that trip, with Calamari’s leave management module, not to be confused with their other forum for more daily/hourly check in and out. Calamari allows you to plan your time off easily, so you know when you’ll be on your next big vacation.

12:30 PM – Game time

Lunch is a nice break in the day to thoroughly enjoy yourself. Why not enjoy a game of Connect 4? If you’re feeling nostalgic for the naiveté of childhood or just wanting something to pass the time, this tried and tested game could be the perfect use of your time to unwind before you get back to work.

1:00 PM­ – OMG did you see that?

Lunch is the perfect time to share YouTube videos with your coworkers, and it’s super easy with the YouTube bot. YouTube is a great way to connect with others and share humor. This bot will help you socialize with coworkers and find out if they have a good sense of humor.


1:30 PM ­– Post-lunch roundup

Check in on the status of projects with ease in Slack with Swipes. Swipes will allow you to quickly sort through and get updates on various stages of projects and make the afternoon more efficient. You can connect with any person on your team and add new projects and tasks as things come up.

2:00 PM – Set priorities

After lunch, everybody gets a little bit tired and forgetful. Lattice gets you back on track and allows you to meet your goals, which you set collaboratively. Lattice will also make sure your whole team knows what the top priorities are.

2:30 PM – Making sure your customers are happy

Slaask allows you to directly speak with guests and customers through Slack. Slaask turns Slack into a real-time customer service app, directing traffic to the appropriate team members. One more step towards your customers feeling like they are getting immediate service, which translates into a happy customer!

3:00 PM – Sales check!

Birdly is the Slack integration with Salesforce you’ve been waiting for! Deliver regular metrics to your team, get notified when the unusual pops up in Salesforce, and celebrate deals with a virtual gong. Birdly is all the metrics of Salesforces with the fun of Slack.

3:30 PM – Set tomorrow’s reminders, today

One thing I’ve learned about the workforce (as my brief experience has taught me) is that the work cycle is non-stop and cyclical. I’ve also learned it’s best not to forget your meetings. Convergely lets you schedule your Slack posts in advance so you can make sure people are seeing your messages when you need them to, whether it’s a meeting reminder of just a job well done. While not a scheduling tool in itself, you can set prompts to remind people of meetings 10 minutes before they start or even remember to tell your coworker happy birthday.

4:00 PM ­– Make sure you eat tomorrow

Lunch is the bae-est of all meals, well besides brunch. However, if you get lunch as a team, you can easily forget who is supposed to order. Cue: Order Ahead. “It has a 100% success rate,” says Vlad Magdalin, co-founder and CEO of Webflow. Order Ahead will nag you or send a remember to a member of your team starting at 4:00 PM until you remember to put in the next day’s lunch order.

5:00 PM (Happy Hour) – Get your drank on

You’ve had a hard day at work. Just look at how many Slack bots you’ve used! Time for a glass of wine (or 4) to let loose and mingle. Find a stranger, fall in love, just don’t let it be a coworker. KoolPlanner lets you plan events in Slack, so everybody is in the loop, even Betty, whom you hate. You can plan drinks, farewells, and birthday parties. KoolPlanner makes sure all your plans are Kool with a “K.”

6:00 PM – Daily dose of Google Analytics

MU/DAI’s president, Shanon Marks, says, “Statsbot gives Google Analytics in a natural language interface.” If you use Google Analytics everyday, like we do, then this Slack integration is a great for accessing charts and data very quickly. Get your stats without having to pour over Google Analytics.

6:30 PM – Have some fun with your team

HeyTaco is a great away we have some (quiet) shenanigans in the office. You can send 5 tacos a day to someone on your team and whoever gets the most tacos win! Let the games begin. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Scorebot scores the amount of emojis you send over Slack. A game for the modern age, see who on your team and rack up the most emoji points, while simultaneously finding out who is using too many emojis. As Kanye West says, “What’s a King to an Emoji? What’s an Emoji to a non-believer?”

7:00 PM – Get some help

It’s the end of the workday. Many of your coworkers have gone home. You realize you’ve been playing around for the last half-an-hour on HeyTaco and Scorebot that you’ve fallen behind on your work. Where to turn to get tasks done outside your team (they don’t want to be bothered in the middle of dinner): Konsus. Konsus will immediately connect you to a project manager and will get to work on your task. They will only invoice you if it’s done to completion. 

Night, everybody! Remember, when it comes to a day in Slack, rinse, dry, and repeat.

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