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A Deep Dive Into Moz’s Products

Here at Stacklist, we’ve heard a lot of great things about Moz from the founders we’ve interviewed. What is it? Moz is software that helps companies with inbound marketing. Currently, 3% of startups on Stacklist use Moz, making it one of the more popular SEO marketing tools. But it was the praise founders had for Moz that caught our attention and impressed us. “So” we thought, “Our founders like it. We like it. Let’s write a feature on what Moz is doing to help startups with marketing.” We spoke with Rand Fishkin, founder of Moz, about the applicability of Moz products in the startup community and his advice on getting the most out of Moz.

Moz for Startups? Yes, but when.

Rand Fishkin:

“Every startup needs to get great at marketing at some kind a channel or multiple channels that consistently provides traffic and customers or else you will have a tough time scaling. Adoption of product is key. To do that, identify what channels your audience pays attention to. Are they visiting websites? Are they on social media? What conferences do they attend? What events? What offline content do they read? What do they search for? If you can identify those channels and align things uniquely well at areas where you can excel, then you’ve got something.”

Moz has been an SEO leader since 2004 – that’s nearly as long as SEO has been an important business mechanic. And in the years since they’ve expanded their suite of SaaS products to meet many other inbound marketing needs related to SEO, like keyword tracking, searchability, competitive analysis, and content optimization.

Moz products are applicable to nearly any startup with a heavy web based presence and that thrives on online traffic. If you are a B2C business, where customers are constantly trying to engage with you and access you online, then Moz software could seriously benefit you. Many content-based B2B businesses depend on SEO and the power of their content; for these, tools like Moz are hugely important.


“I would recommend Moz if your business has high search demand that you know by ranking search terms you could drastically improve customer growth overall.”

However, not all startups have reached the size and access to resources to fully utilize Moz.

Fishkin told us that the reality is that getting the most out of a tool like Moz depends on a startup having the bandwidth to dedicate to it. Moz software is not for lightweights and takes significant experience to use to its greatest potential. Usually, this means having a person on the team dedicated to SEO in order to effectively utilize Moz software.


“25-30% of our business are companies with fewer than 10 people, a huge number of small business, many are local small businesses, many are solo consultants, many are web-based companies with an in-house SEO person”

Fishkin pointed out that the product is built for professionals. If you are “not comfortable or familiar” with the software, SEO, its ins and outs, its nuances, then you probably aren’t qualified to be using it, but, if you are, then Moz could prove to be a great asset.

Moz products

Moz Pro: the complete SEO toolset

Moz Pro is the most popular tool Moz offers, according to Fishkin. Used correctly and by a specialist, Moz Pro can radically alter your SEO optimization and improve your organic traffic.

One of Moz’s most lauded features is its keyword tracking. With Moz Pro, you can track keywords weekly and segment them by campaign, keyword label, and location. It will also divide your results by mobile and desktop friendly tags. As always, Moz will show you who your top competitors are and how you rank compared to their performance.

Moz will also analyze the links on your site to figure out where you’re performing best and which links you should promote. It will measure your most valuable backlinks, pages, linking domains, and anchor text. It will also point out missed link opportunities, ensuring you are getting the most out of your mentions and competitive link opportunities.

Moz software is all about learning from your competition, and nowhere is that better seen than in their page optimization efforts. Moz allows you to analyze content from across the web to figure out what works and what doesn’t. This will help you build winning strategies for your team and website. Moz will also provide you with a list of tailored SEO recommendations, so you can improve your rankings.

Pricing: the cheapest package costs $99/month, $79/month when you pay annually, and the “best value” deal runs $149/month, $119/month when you pay annually.

Moz Content: planning, executing, and measuring

Moz Content enables you to better understand – and improve upon – your content strategy, by identifying which topics, authors, content topics garner the most links, shares, and page views.

Moz Content performs on-demand content audits, even on competitor sites, tuning you in into potential strategies you could be using that are successful at driving traffic back to other sites. Moz Content will also track your performance over time to see how your content is faring. This will allow you to pick winning strategies and discard the ones that don’t perform up to par.

Moz Content also helps with content discovery, so you can learn about more content you like on the web and share it with the people who care. The most useful feature of Moz Content in this aspect is its research function, which will show you the web’s most popular content for the keyword or topic you’re searching for and who is creating it. You can then share interesting pieces of content with your followers, keeping them engaged with your brand.

Moz Content is a fantastic tool for measuring the efficacy and impact of your content. By seeing the data on how your content is performing, you can alter your strategy for the better, boosting web traffic and brand engagement. This would be helpful information for any content producing business or website.

Pricing: the strategists package costs $59/month, $47/month when you pay annually, and the “best value” deal costs $129/month, $103/month when you pay annually.

Followerwonk: Twitter Analytics on steroids

Followerwonk allows you to search the bios of your followers, so you can better understand your follower base and which influencers follow you. You can view their social authority rankings, so you know whom to target in your network.

Followerwonk allows you to complete an in-depth comparison of your Twitter account with those of industry leaders, influencers, or the competition. You can see which followers you share, engagement rate, average amount of follower growth per day, total tweets, and average tweets a week. In addition, you can view the percent of retweets and URL tweets so you better know how they compose their Twitter accounts. This will give you a better picture as to where you stand in the broader Twitterverse.

A nice perk of Followerwonk is that you can see when your followers are active, so you can optimize when you decide to tweet to maximize visibility and engagement. This will ensure that when you tweet, you do not do it in vain.

Followerwonk is a great tool to better understand what is going on in your Twitter feed and how to get the most out of it.

Pricing: free for the “connect” package, which includes limited access and 1 profile, $29/month (20% off with annual billing) for the most popular “target” deal, which comes with up to 3 profiles.

Moz Local: make sure you’re listing accurately and effectively

Moz Local is a great tool for both small and big businesses, anywhere that has locations that need to be accurately identified and listed across multiple search platforms. Moz has taken a laborious and difficult task and is now doing it for you.


“We acquired a company a couple years ago and turned it into Moz Local.”

Moz Local is about making sure your consumer gets accurate listing information for your businesses. Moz Local goes deeper, making sure that the listings are consistent in directories, apps, maps, and sites that search engines rely on most. They do this by working directly with the major aggregators search engines use.

Moz Local also lets you measure the visibility, reputation, and online performance of your local listings. Moz Local enables you to track your keyword performance relative to your local competitors, highlighting areas for improvement. The software will also show you in which direction your reviews are trending. It will even allow to you measure traffic for each location. These features make your listings more powerful and effective online, so your consumers know how to find and reach you (and give you rave reviews, we’re sure).

Moz Local is great for managing any number of locations, though over 100 and you may want to switch to the enterprise version. It is a great tool for small businesses and location-based startups to make sure they are accurately being depicted online and in search traffic.

Pricing: $84/year/location, special add-on available for $120/year

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