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Hidden Gems: October Edition

Based on our research and the contributions from founders, we have over 1300 hundred tools on Stacklist! A handful of tools have a considerable market share and appear in most startups’ stacklists. Those are the Mixpanels, Zendesks, and Salesforces of the world.

Congrats to those leaders, but we know there are promising and powerful tools out there that get excellent reviews, but only appear in a few stacklists. 

We did some digging and found a few gems this month that we think you could – and should – be using!


Know your users, grow your app

There’s a lot of flexibility with what you can analyze. Speed is the big differentiator; it’s super fast for queries and results. And it’s super cheap. It’s a very good match for us.”

– Matthieu Vaxelaire, CEO of Mention

Amplitude is an event-based business intelligence tool, providing web and mobile analytics. By providing insights on events, startups can use Amplitude to figure out their user’s behavior. The real-time data allows you to segment users for different marketing funnels and discover the actions that drive retention, engagement, and conversion.

Recently, Amplitude has announced the release of Amplitude 2.0. The release provides new features and better user experience for both analytics beginners and experts. Currently, Amplitude 2.0 is only available to Enterprise customers, but will roll out to everyone in December.

Pricing: There’s a Starter plan that’s free for up to 10 million monthly events. The Elite plan starts at $2,000/month that includes the Starter plan features with more customizations and support. The Enterprise plan requires a quote from the company.

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Making email awesome

“I love Mixmax for upgrading my inbox. It has built in templates and lets you snooze emails. It’s a free tool that I really recommend.”

– Abakar Saidov, Co-founder & CEO of Beamery

Mixmax is an excellent email productivity tool for Gmail and Google Inbox. They offer essential email features like tracking, mail merge, snoozing, and templates. Cooler features provided by Mixmax are embeddable calendar widgets that make scheduling a breeze, web previews for links and attachments, and more.

The tracking they offer not only tracks opens, but link clicks and downloads too. It’s a really efficient inbox tool that upgrades your Gmail, to increase productivity and help you get to inbox zero.

Pricing: There’s a Free plan, a Starter plan ($9/month), a Professional plan ($24/month) and a Premium plan ($49/month).

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Smart and simple project management

“Waffle is simply a card-based organizational interface for GitHub issues that makes everything a lot more organized visually. It is currently completely free, which is awesome, and works perfectly.”

– Tom Fen, Founder & CEO of iPyxel Creations

Waffle is a free project management solution powered by your GitHub issues and pull requests. They offer real-time updates, milestone tracking, customizable workflows, filtering, labeling and automatic work tracking.

For teams living and working in GitHub, Waffle is a nice layer over it for better collaboration. The visual features of Waffle let you easily see what work is being done, what should get prioritized, and what should get worked on next.

Pricing: Free! There’s also an Enterprise plan for $2,000/year that offers on-premise functionality and prioritized support.

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Close more deals. Make more sales.

“We love Close.io. It has an amazing UX, which allows you to cut down on data entry and focus on closing more deals. I can’t stress how much it has simplified our sales and account management processes.”

– Peter Komornik, Co-founder & CEO of sli.do

Close.io is a CRM that is all about maximizing outreach to contact potential customers efficiently and quickly. The interface provides good analytics on where leads are in your pipeline, and their expected value as well. While other CRMs require a lot of manual data entry, Close.io focuses on reducing those things so you can focus on closing deals.

Close.io also offers enriched email capabilities, alongside voice over IP calling, so your salespeople can call leads from the Close.io app. All of the customer interactions are stored in the CRM, and everything is easily searched.

Pricing: The Basic plan starts at $65/user/month. Increased features and functionalities scale with their pricing plans for Professional ($110/user/month), Business ($165/user/month) and Enterprise (contact for quote).

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HR software for small and medium businesses

“BambooHR is great. It makes it very simple for various people to coordinate themselves around the onboarding of new employees, which is very important. It makes it easy to for people to manage their time off.”

– Marco Peluso, Founder & CEO of Qardio

BambooHR automates operational HR tasks like onboarding and time-off tracking. Other features they offer include applicant tracking, performance management, compliance, reporting, workflows and electronic signatures.

BambooHR defines itself as “strategic HR” software. By automating and streamlining a lot of HR tasks, your HR team can focus on more strategic activities like increasing engagement and job satisfaction.

Pricing: Contact for a quote.

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