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New Tools Roundup #1

Founders of startups have been happy to share the tools they use at their businesses. Every week we put together this roundup of our favorite new tools for you to try out! This week’s roundup features tools in email marketing, security and more.


Grow your business & save time with a seamless experience

“We just migrated from MailChimp to ActiveCampaign. We started with MailChimp because it was easy and simple to use. As we started to scale, ActiveCampaign became better.”

– Andrew Josuweit, Co-founder & CEO of Student Loan Hero

ActiveCampaign is a marketing platform for email marketing, automation, and sales. They offer a wide variety of services ranging from segmentation, automation, management, split testing and more.

ActiveCampaign is enterprise level software that will work better and give you more options if you find yourself with a large subscriber base. Andrew found himself needing a more complex email marketing tool and is now using ActiveCampaign to send great looking newsletters for Student Loan Hero.


Passive drives excellence 

“For our IT and patent stuff, we use Schox Patent Group. They are great and work with startups exclusively. He was a patent professor at Stanford and has helped startups get a patent portfolio at a very sick cost. Sometimes they let you trade equity. They are the better ones for startups.”

– Chris Bruce, Founder & CEO of Sproutling

Schox is Jeffrey Schox’s legal firm where he consults startups on patent laws. His team is specialized in all things patent related.  

We’ve recently started asking about legal firms and consulting tools founders use for their business after a few founders asked us if we had any recommendations on legal counsel.

If you’re in California, check out Schox. They work exclusively with startups and with patent laws, and can help you get the paperwork done with minimal work on your end.


You care about what you build

“Wordfence detects hacks on your site. It’s amazing because it tells you where it was hacked and lets you clean it very easily. For a small site on a shared hosting account, finding where you’ve been hacked and fixing it can be a big headache. Sometimes the best way to do it is to have backups and just bring back a clean file, but Wordfence can prevent most hacks.”

– Eyal Katz, Co-founder of ComicReply

Wordfence is a security plugin for sites built on WordPress. Their plugin gives you real-time visibility into traffic and hack attempts and allows you to quickly detect it so you can fix it.

Eyal gives great advice on how to fix a hacked part of your site, but Wordfence will give you the security needed so that option rarely happens.

Wordfence is a great plugin for any business that is hosting their site on WordPress, which is usually the case for small businesses or blogs. WordPress is currently the most used content marketing tool for startups.


Make. Publish. Share. Screencasts made easy.

“We use Quickcast to share working progress with the team; with it, you can make 3 min. videos. You can select the area of the screen that you want to show. I probably use it on a daily basis.”

– Dylan Baskind, Co-founder & CEO of Qwilr

QuickCast is a quick, free, easy-to-use tool for sharing screencasts. The way Dylan is using QuickCast lets you collaborate easily with your team by showing them a video of your desktop.

QuickCast is only available on Mac currently. If you’re looking for a similar tool, Opentest has a great browser extension for Chrome.


Every website, including yours, needs a privacy policy

Iubenda was recommended by Leor Grebler, Co-founder & CEO of Unified Computer Intelligence Corporation.

Iubenda generates privacy policies based on your company, your needs and the data you are collecting. In 3 easy steps, you can get a policy done in a few minutes. For tailored privacy and cookie policies, this will be a great tool to check out.

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