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New Tools Roundup #11

Founders of startups have been happy to share the tools they use at their businesses. Every week we put together this roundup of our favorite new tools for you to try out! This week’s roundup features tools for analytics, fundraising, content marketing, and more! Check them all out below.


Ready to save time?

“We use Tiempy for automated recurring posts. We use a paid version.”

– Dickey Singh, CEO & Co-founder of Pyze

Tiempy allows users to schedule recurring social media posts via all of their social networks.

You can introduce your new followers to some of your older content by scheduling recurring tweets or Facebook updates to give your old posts some love! Tiempy will let you automate your social media posts, so you always have maintained feeds.


Tools to get startup sh*t done

Foundersuite makes a set of SaaS tools for entrepreneurs to use when they are raising money. The three core pieces of Foundersuite are their Investor Database, Investor CRM, and Investor Updater. These three tools make up a “funding stack.”

By using Foundersuite, you can treat your raise process as a sales process and keep up valuable touch points with investors and streamlines your corporate housekeeping.


Collect email sending data across your email services

“We use Thinbox for email analytics. We need it because we use emailing across different services.”

– Ryan Buckley, CEO of Scripted

Thinbox helps you prevent inbox fatigue on your users. By aggregating data from your email services, Thinbox will help you reduce unsubscribes, find out valuable data about how many emails your users get, and alerts for when you send too many emails.


Talky makes our big world a little smaller

Talky is a video chat tool to help you communicate with your team members or as a Skype alternative to meeting calls.

With Talky you can do group video chats, screen share and also protect your video chat rooms by locking them.


Great marketing requires great writing

“At Scripted we match businesses with writers. We make it easy it with a flat membership fee. We screen every single writer that gets accepted. Most of our customers are small businesses that need a post every week.”

– Ryan Buckley, CEO of Scripted

Scripted is a writer marketplace to help you find the best writers to write content for your blog. Scripted makes for an easy way to scale your content marketing strategy by using their resource of writers and tools.

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