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New Tools Roundup #12

Every week we get new tools recommended to us by founders of startups. We handpick the best ones for our weekly roundups so you can try them out! 


Secure cloud storage for your files

“I cannot recommend it enough–it has a very user-friendly mobile app. You can invite specific people, collaborate and it is much easier to manage and more user-friendly than Google Drive or Dropbox.”

– Rotem Peled, Founder & CEO of Topishare

pCloud is cloud service tool that securely stores all of your files. pCloud also offers collaboration features for documents, like shared folders, and fair sharing space.

The mobile apps also allow for easy viewing of documents wherever you are.


Show and tell for designers

“Dribbble is great because all the applicants have reviews so it is easy to find comparison pricing.”

– Lori Cheek, Founder & CEO of Cheekd

Dribbble is a marketplace for designers. Here you can promote your work, find designers, and discover new work.


Net Promoter Scores for your employees

“We use eNps.co to measure the eNps score. It is a great tool to measure employee morale.”

– Ryan Buckley, CEO of Scripted

To measure employee morale at your startup, you can use eNPS to automate surveys to get back anonymous feedback and track your eNPS score.

By getting anonymous feedback, you can find out how your employees feel about their work environment and help them become happier (happier employees build better products).


Focus management for entrepreneurs

“Focuster is another productivity tool I’m experimenting with. It schedules your to-do list into empty slots in your calendar. So if there are three things I need to accomplish in a day–maybe a sales proposal, a call I need to make, and an email I need to write–Focuster will look for where there are empty slots in my calendar and schedule those tasks in for me. That way, I can just go on auto-pilot and trust that what’s on my calendar is a priority.”

– Natasha Baker, Founder of SnapEDA

Focuster is a productivity tool that automatically fills in slots of your calendar with tasks and to-dos that you think are important.

Focuster adapts to your schedule so you can save time planning what needs to get done, and instead work on what you need to finish.


Conference how you want. When you want.

“We use FreeConference for conference calls. Having the video option makes it a lot easier to communicate. We tried Skype but we felt that we needed a more professional tool.”

– Adelia Carrillo, CEO & Founder of Direct Cannabis

FreeConference offers a suite of different calling features and tools for scheduling meetings and conference calls.

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