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New Tools Roundup #13

Every day we heard about new tools from founders sharing their stacklists. We like to roundup and highlight our favorites for other entrepreneurs and founders to check out. This week some of our favorites include tools for all parts of marketing! For social media, email, content, and communicating, here’s this week’s roundup.

Meet Edgar

The social media queue that fills itself

“Meet Edgar is a really cool tool to post social media content… With Buffer, you have to create a queue and you have to keep creating new postings, but Meet Edgar saves all your content in a library and if it is large enough, it keeps cycling through it and posting content and nobody notices.”

– Mattan Griffel, Co-founder & CEO of One Month

Meet Edgar is a social media tool that automates all your posts! You can load any posts to your Meet Edgar Library, categorize them, and then Meet Edgar publishes them for you based on a schedule you set up.

Nifty Images

Personalized Images and Countdown Timers for Email

“NiftyImages lets us personalize an image with different fields in our audience and include countdown timers in our emails for events or limited-time promotions. NiftyImages is our go-to service for next level email personalized images and countdown timers.”

– Matt Helbig, Co-founder, Growth of Really Good Emails

Step up your email game with Nifty Images. If you use Merge tags for custom email greetings, you’ll now be able to create personalized images with Nifty Images.

Any startup with email marketing as a core part of its business should check out using Nifty Images for dynamic images in their newsletters.


Monitor websites, create landing pages, send emails, grow business

“Mautic is an open source tool that is really really good and lets you create powerful marketing automation. Many people are working on it and are making the tool better and better. It helps us create customer loyalty.”

– Olivier Gemayel, Parnter & CBDO of Dayuse

Marketing automation tools are usually very expensive for startups, but luckily Mautic is a free open-source alternative.

Mautic has all the bells & whistles entrepreneurs look for in a marketing automation platform: contact nurturing, social media integrations, landing page creation, and more.


It’s time to ditch Skype and TeamSpeak

“Our Dev team uses Discord. It is a bit of an odd choice because it’s a chat used for gaming.”

– Annina Koskiloa, Co-founder & CEO of Proximi.io

For those startup teams that aren’t using Slack, there’s another popular chat app that’s seen more in the gaming scene: Discord. Discord can be described as Slack for gamers. It has a similar interface with organized channels and groups, and users love it for simple and high-quality text and voice chat. If you’re looking for a Slack alternative, then Discord could be your favorite chat app.


Your business blog’s best friend

“For content we are using BlogMutt. It is a great blog writing service. You can hire specific writers and select the article topic. They are really responsive.”

– Jeremy O’Keefe, Founder & CEO of Yobi

We know how hard it can be to find good writers for your startupBlogMutt is a simple to use writing service that creates content for your blog based on the topic you want, and gets tailored to your brand.

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