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New Tools Roundup #2


code, test and deploy together

“Our developers do everything in GitLab. Anyone can contribute and put in fixes or improvements to our core systems and client websites.”

-Ash Young, Managing Director of Evoluted

GitLab is a company based on the GitLab open-source project. It’s a Ruby on Rails software that offers a lot of third-party integrations and repository management. They also recently announced a $20 million series B round.

Ash and his team at Evoluted are using this open source software to collaborate on code and provide great services to their clients!


advertise. attribute. act.

“TVSquared is an impressive platform that helps you evaluate your response from TV media. It is a good tool.”

-Karl Sowa, CMO of TaskEasy

TVSquared offers same-day TV measurement and optimization to improve campaigns on-air.

While TV campaigns are seen as hard to measure, TVSquared offers accurate levels of TV attribution, offline and online.


SaaS vs. on-prem. solved

“Replicated is really amazing; Waffle was entirely SaaS; with Replicated, it was easy to build an installable version.”

-Andrew Homeyer, Founder of Waffle

For companies about to launch an enterprise version of their software, Replicated makes the process easy by using containerization technology.


hassle free bookkeeping & tax services

“SimpleKeep has been great for bookkeeping and expense purposes in general.”

-Vinay Hiremath, Founder & Head of Engineering at Opentest

SimpleKeep is an online service that provides you with a dedicated bookkeeping team to handle your bookkeeping, taxes and payroll.

They offer a variety of integrations with tools including Harvest, Square, Xero, and PayPal to name a few.


the 24/7 support concierge for your website

“Another tool that we use frequently is Elevio. It is nice because if you install the widget on your website, you can control the elements yourself even if you are not a technical person. You can schedule demos, chat, create custom urls, and it integrates with Calendly.”

-Perry Oostdam, Co-founder & CEO of Recruitee

Elevio offers customer support by building onsite help for your customers, reducing ticketing for your support team. The in-app help increases engagement with your users and gives them the right information they need.

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