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New Tools Roundup #3


email, calendars, and contacts done right

“FastMail is a great Gmail replacement for your business. We’ve been using it for years. We like the interface and the app a lot. It’s simpler to use than Gmail and has full IMAP support. You can use it from anywhere.”

-Eyal Katz, Co-founder of ComicReply

FastMail offers email hosting, calendar, and contact services to individuals and organizations of all sizes. They are renowned for their speed and efficiency and the 24-hour support to ensure seamless operations for your business.


inform, engage, and convert

“We use SendinBlue to send Ludwig’s registration transactional emails. It is affordable and does what they claim.”

-Antonio Rotolo, Co-founder & CEO of Ludwig

SendinBlue allows businesses to run marketing campaigns through a suite of messaging and email automation services. Their aim is to help customers build and grow relationships, and they continue to create new tools to help business do just that!

iA Writer

the plain text editor of choice

“iA writer offers a nice distraction-free aesthetic experience for writing. It is a tool worth checking out.”

-Dylan Baskind, Co-founder & CEO of Qwilr

Are you stuck in a writer’s block? Then iA Writer might be the tool you need. It brings back the fun of writing and creates a magical experience, by emphasizing on the aesthetics of the text. This minimal writing app is available on Google play and the Apple app store for both Mac and iOS.


blogging platform built for developers

“The engineering team did not want WordPress because of security reasons; therefore we chose ButterCMS.”

-Matt Miller, Founder & CEO of Embroker

ButterCMS is a content management system and blogging platform for developers. The tool is easy to start with; it only takes 5 minutes to set up and publish a blog post.

Butter takes away the clutter of templates and database calls and focuses on the content. The content is accessible via an API and is stored on their own servers, with maintenance taken care of.


get face-to-face within seconds

“Room is an easy video chat tool and it’s integrated with Slack.”

-Andrew Homeyer, Founder of Waffle

Room is an extremely simple, no strings attached, video chat platform. No need to download an application – all you need is a browser and an internet connection.

Room makes it super simple to host video chats with friends or coworkers and offers integrations for Slack, Convo and Flowdock to name a few.

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