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New Tools Roundup #4

Founders of startups have been happy to share the tools they use at their businesses. Every week we put together this roundup of our favorite new tools for you to try out! This week’s roundup features tools for social media and affiliate marketing, sales and more!


Scheduling your Instagram posts for a whole week is easy

“I love this tool that I recently bought, Grum, through a deal site: AppSumo–managed by Noah Kagan who created SumoMe. Grum enables you to schedule Instagram posts. We use Instagram more than any other social media tool.”

– Perry Nelson, Founder of Nicely Noted

Among the many social media management tools out there, Grum stands out as an exceptional one for Instagram. You can schedule and upload your Instagram posts straight from your desktop! It is also very affordable, with the base plan starting out at less than $10 a month.


Your cloud, your data, your way

“ownCloud is an open-source tool that does a lot of things Dropbox does. You install it on your server and can do the same things Dropbox offers but on your own cloud hosting account. It’s cheaper than paying for more and more space from Dropbox. If you’re a programmer and you install your own tools on your own server, it makes sense to do it.”

-Eyal Katz, Co-founder of ComicReply

ownCloud is an open source cloud storage system, referred to by some developers as a dropbox alternative, and open to multiple platforms including Linux, android, and iOS. It even gives you access to your internal file servers and allows you to keep your files in sync between devices and operating systems.


Increase your sales team productivity. Generate more leads.

“Prospect is great for sending emails for cold outreach and see who is converting in the email. It’s very easy to track.”

-Vinay Hiremath, Founder & Head of Engineering of Opentest

Prospect.io makes sales prospecting more efficient. The tool allows you to automate and track cold emails and drip campaigns, find prospects and generate leads. One cool feature is a Chrome extension that integrates with LinkedIn to find the information of a prospect. It also allows you to find the associated email addresses of a specific domain name.


The typing shortcut tool that saves time and keystrokes

“TextExpander is a real simple Mac app. It lets you populate chunks of text with keyboard shortcuts.”

-Ryan Evans, Co-founder of Tend

TextExpander is a Mac and Windows communications tool. It allows you to use abbreviations and keyboard shortcuts to input longer snippets of text. For example, you can insert the current date by typing “date”.


Easy affiliate marketing & social media sharing

“Dyno has been great for us so far as we drive a lot of sales through it. Our affiliates have done incredibly well. It’s made it easier for our affiliates and influencers to make some money, and it does really well for us on our side.”

-Garyn Angel, Founder of Magical Butter

LeadDyno is an affiliate marketing tool. It is optimized for social sharing and contains a one-click plugin for e-commerce, integrated across many platforms including PayPalStripe, and Shopify. They have a vast affiliate network and users of the platform can join and be promoted by LeadDyno.

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