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New Tools Roundup #5

Founders of startups have been happy to share the tools they use at their businesses. Every week we put together this roundup of our favorite new tools for you to try out! This week’s roundup features tools for analytics, social media marketing, project management and more!


Don’t just keep up with technology. Master it.

“Learning and personal development is part of our DNA and we aspire to do the best work of our careers. We use various tools, community meetups and learning platforms to develop and grow our team.”

– Chris Campbell, CEO of ReviewTrackers

Pluralsight is an on-demand technology learning platform. They offer specialized courses in a variety of topics like IT, software development, creative and more. There are team and individual memberships available.

Their tools and adaptive skill measurement will let you learn new skills at your own pace to grow yourself or your team professionally.

Social Locker

Drive traffic, build quality followers and improve your website ranking

“Social Locker is another WordPress plugin that also makes people share on social media some content before they can download a free file.”

– Marvin Russell, Founder & CEO of MySiteAuditor

You can use Social Locker for your WordPress sites to ask people to “pay” with a Like/Tweet/+1 to get access to content, discounts or downloads! It adds a virality layer to the content you produce, helping you reach a larger audience.

By giving people a reason to share and click on your social buttons, you’ll be able to drive social traffic, build quality fans and improve your SEO.


Raise your business velocity

“The Workboard performance management tool is instrumental. I have a partnership group that coordinates efforts and manages accountability to one another for vision and strategy pieces through Workboard.”

– Shanon Marks, President of MU/DAI

Workboard is an agile management app for companies. The software is designed for managers to help create work plans, establish priorities and goals. Workboard is built to help attain team goals, whether by OKRs, KPIs or any other metric.

Setting clear goals for your team and monitoring their progress is invaluable to any CEO or manager growing their company!


See what happens to your emails after you press send

“We love the Canadian startup Bananatag. It integrates with Gmail and has great email tracking and analytics features.”

– May Habib, Co-founder & CEO of Qordoba

Bananatag proves email tracking and analytics for individuals and teams. Their product works with various mail clients like Gmail, Outlook and iOS Mail.  

You can power up your inbox with this tool by scheduling and tracking your emails and attachments, creating and storing templates, and getting analytics about the emails you send.


Beautiful metric & analytic dashboards

Grafana is a 100% open source BI/analytics tool that creates rich graphs and dashboards that will help you visualize your data and detect bugs.

Grafana is a great offering because it works with various databases and is quick to use and get going.

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