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New Tools Roundup #6

Every week we get new tools recommended to us by founders of startups. We handpick the best ones for our weekly roundups so you can try them out! This week, we’re focusing on extensions for the most used web browser, Google Chrome.


Save time communicating

Openvid is a screen recording extension made by Opentest. The extension is free to use and lets you easily record your current tab or your desktop with the click of a button, then creates a URL  that you can use to share your video.

Openvid gives you different options for recording, with options to record yourself via your cam and mic. You can use Openvid to communicate with your teams or with customers.

Check out the Opentest Stacklist.


Better writing made easy

“Grammarly scans your writing in real time to find grammar mistakes. We love it!”

– Doug Karr, CEO & Founder of DK New Media

Grammarly is one of our favorite tools to use. The Grammarly Chrome extension checks your writing in real time to correct any grammar or spelling mistakes.

Read reviews for Grammarly.

Colorpick Eyedropper

Colorpick Eyedropper is a great, easy to use Chrome extension that lets you find the HEX RGB colors values of anything on your screen.

The Eyedropper tool is very helpful for anyone trying to make graphic designs.

Read reviews for Colorpick Eyedropper.


Simple Slack app for Chrome

“There’s a Slack extension called Slacky (for Chrome) that I really like… It’s super helpful for sending people events and articles. I just click from my web browser, write my message, and click the person’s name, or channel name, and it posts straight to Slack.”

– Brian Frumberg, Founder of VentureOut

If you and your team are heavy Slack users, you might want to check out Slacky.

Slacky is a Chrome extension (not made by Slack) that offers a lot of the same things as Slack. If you tend to lose your Slack tab, Slacky will be a great tool for you.

From one of their Chrome web store reviews:

“This one is more convenient than a Slack tab in a browser (I always lose it), and a standalone client (memory hog).

Read reviews for Slacky.


Respond faster to your customers

“Gorgias is a Chrome and Gmail plugin. If you have emails that you are constantly writing and sending over and over again, you can program them into Gorgias.”

– Daniel Kushner, Founder & CEO of Oktopost

Gorgias is a customer service tool, that offers a great Chrome extension with the same name. Gorgias lets you create email templates that will generate in your emails through hotkeys you set.

This is a great email productivity tool for anyone who finds themselves sending the same emails over and over again. You can also share your templates with your team members, so everyone relays the same message with the same voice.

Read reviews for Gorgias.

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