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New Tools Roundup

We are always getting new tools recommended to us by founders, and we know it’s hard to stay up to date with the latest and greatest. That’s why we’ve put together this list featuring new analytics/marketing tools, sales tools, customer service tools and more.

Customer Service


A messaging platform for developers, apps, and businesses.

“We use Smooch, and it’s pretty awesome… It really helps with conversion.”

– John Rushworth, Co-founder & CEO of BottlesTonight 

Credit Card Processor


An all-in-one solution for accepting recurring and one-time payments online.

“MoonClerk works really well for subscription-based businesses like ours. We really like them; we’ve never had any problems with them.”

– Joe Yeoman, Founder of GrandBox 

Email Marketing


Turn abandoned carts into paying customers with their products for e-commerce businesses.

“We can keep track of analytics for cart abandonment and how many will come back after that. The cost is based off how much in revenues it recovers for you, so it’s pretty convenient.”

– Donald Spann, Founder of Companion Maids



Helping mobile marketers build better relationships with their customers.

“It’s great and does everything that we need: push notifications, analytics, retention analysis…”

– John Rushworth, Co-founder & CEO of BottlesTonight


Get the technology-related insight necessary to make the right decisions.

“It allows us to interact with the analyst community and easily find the latest stats: market side, average revenues, US and local.”

– Matt Harper, VP Marketing at Moogsoft

Odds & Ends


A web site profiler tool, competitor intelligence tool and website optimizer.

“BuiltWith is really cool. You put in a site and it gives you a breakdown of what that site is built with. It helps us understand what tools e-commerce businesses are using.”

– Holly Cardew, Founder & CEO of Pixc


Optimizes fulfillment for small businesses, startups, and crowdfunded projects.

“They’ve been a great partner so far, and we recommend them to other startups looking to outsource their logistics!”

– Aaron Robinson, Founder of Bamboo Supply

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