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New Tools Roundup #7

Founders of startups have been happy to share the tools they use at their businesses. Every week we put together this roundup of our favorite new tools for you to try out! This week’s roundup features productivity tools, automation tools, writings tools, and more!


The fast, reliable way to dial into any call

“A wonderful iPhone app that takes dial-in information and turns frustrating codes and text into buttons… I’m always on the phone and MobileDay is a huge help. It’s a great call manager and makes dialing into meetings really easy.”

– Shanon Marks, President of MU/DAI

MobileDay is a free app (available in the App Store and Play Store) that syncs with your calendar, notifies you of your upcoming meetings and lets you connect to your calls with one touch. 

The one-touch dial in is great because it means you won’t have to search for call PINs or passcodes. This is a great productivity app for any founder who’s doing several phone meetings.


Make profitable marketing decisions that move the needle

“The tools we probably couldn’t live without are Marketo, Bizible, Salesforce, and Zendesk. Those are the ones that are mission critical.”

– Liz Pearce, CEO of LiquidPlanner

Bizible is a marketing analytics tool that allows you to get insights on your marketing efforts from your Salesforce data.

Bizible is great tool for B2B startups to optimize their marketing pipeline and attribute data to their leads–unifying user behavior.


Find your sentence

“We are constantly using Ludwig! We are not native English speakers so we constantly have to check everything we write. Every piece of text that comes out of Ludwig has to be well written, effective, and mistake free. In our database, there are different sources of English, from colloquial, to marketing, to scientific, so it can be used for almost anything.”

– Antonio Rotolo,Co-founder & CEO of Ludwig

Ludwig is a linguistic search engine that will help you find the perfect words, sentences or phrasing, to express your ideas.

For non-native English speakers, Ludwig is a great writing tool to check out. It cross-references your sentences to similar sentences in other English documents, so you can correct any mistakes you might have made. 


Hard-to-get-data on every mobile app right at your fingertips

“MightySignal is a new company that is still pretty small but is similar to MixRank. Their data seems to be a little more up to date, and they have a few extra features.”

– Mike Molinet, Branch Metrics

MightySignal provides insight into the mobile app economy. You can use MightySignal to find out what technologies mobile app companies use, their user bases and more.


Ship code with confidence

“For continuous integration and testing of our code, we use Drone.io. It helps make sure our code is running well and can run on itself.”

– Phil Dougherty, Co-founder & CEO of ContainerShip

Drone.io is a continuous delivery platform built on Docker, written in Go. You can useDrone.io for continuous integration for GitHub and Bitbucket to monitor for bugs.

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