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New Tools Roundup 7/22


“We use Mixmax for scheduling, recruiting scheduling, meetings, etc. We all use it.”

-Vlad Magdalin, Co-founder and CEO – Webflow 

Mixmax enables users to track, automate, and enhance their emails e.g. to book meetings instantly, save time with team templates and automate outreach with mail merge. Mixmax is a great productivity tool for your inbox. 

When you’re running a startup, you’re very busy. Thus, any app you find that can save you time becomes essential. Mixmax not only lessens the amount of emails you need to send, but also makes your email more engaging and stimulating. Our favorite feature is the embedding of a calendar in your email when scheduling, accomplishing 10 emails worth of work in 1. 


“Clerky made everything very simple, especially for YC companies. We raised an entire Seed round through Clerky which was really cool.”

-Divey Galati, Co-founder of ShipBob

Clerky helps startups and attorneys get legal paperwork done. The legal aspects of startups can be some of the messiest and some of the most confusing. Clerky helps simplify the process and makes the arduous task of legal paperwork more digestible.

Clerky will cover all the basics for you, from incorporation to equity compensation to employee agreements. And it’s pretty affordable for all the good it provides. By doing these services for you correctly, you save lawyers fees and billable hours. Stop your headache over the law, and get back to running your business! 


“We’ve used AskNicely to get ongoing input from our user base. It is useful for getting insights about your product and how customer sentiment is changing over time.”

-Henry Xie, Co-founder of Simple Fractal

AskNicely is a SaaS platform for growing businesses to increase customer retention and referrals using the Net Promoter Score framework (the world’s leading measure of customer loyalty). It’s a great tool to get instant customer feedback on your brand, as well as grow your retention and referrals. 

Your early customers are some of your most important when you’re running a startup. They help build brand loyalty and increase awareness. Being able to track and adjust when people interact with your startup is an invaluable tool that leads you to make more strategic decisions. 


“WhosOff is really, really useful. Previously we were doing things through a whiteboard so putting things in the cloud helped us a lot as our business grew. We’ve tried quite a few tools. For us, it was the best tool out there with the best interface.”

– Ash Young, Managing Director of Evoluted 

WhosOff allows you to reduce the time spent on paper chasing leave requests around the office by making important information available to the required staff in your company. WhosOff will allow you to manage staff from anywhere in the world, evidencing its versatility.

 Many startups have to figure out employee scheduling. Since many employees can be hourly, you need to know who needs to be where, when. This app is also useful for processing sick days and holidays. If you’re a startup that is juggling time schedules and multiple requests from impatient employees, WhosOff may be for you. 


“Swiftype is like a hosted mini-Google for specific sites. They also index your site and help make it super fast.”

-Vlad Magdalin, Co-founder and CEO of Webflow

Swiftype is a hosted search solution that lets site owners deliver powerful, customizable search for their website or mobile app with just a few lines of code. Swiftype will begin to produce results before you’re done typing, getting answers to your and your customers’ queries before you even finish your thought. 

Search is one of the most important tools there is. It is essential that your searches are relevant. That’s where Swiftype can help your company. By customizing your search, you make sure you are getting the information that is most pertinent to you, ranked.

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