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New Tools Roundup 7/27


“Pushbullet is an app that integrates notifications from your phone to any device. Anything on my phone syncs onto my laptop. I don’t need to have additional software installed.”

-Aziz Ali, Founder and Chief Instructor of iLoveCoding

 connects your devices, making it easy and automatic to share almost anything between them. You can send text messages, see your phone’s notifications, and follow interesting things.

Pushbullet is especially helpful for startups by making sure that you’re always connected. The integration is incredibly helpful when you’re simultaneously on your iPhone, laptop, and tablet. 


Cloudinary is where we host video and images. We allow our customers to upload collateral material and any videos. Cloudinary makes it super easy to manage images that scale. From a product perspective, it’s also invaluable.”

-Marat Stary, Co-founder and CEO of getPartnered

Cloudinary allows any web application to manage all images in the cloud. You can also gain important insights on your images with usage reports, in-depth analytics and actionable advice. You can setup and tweak every aspect of your image pipeline’s behavior and assign role-based access to all your team members. 

Here at Stacklist, a common problem we run into is with our images. Sizing them, scaling them, making them look nice, it’s all very time consuming. Cloudinary allows you a way out of this cycle by helping you manage your images. 


“Our team works remotely. But I use Deskpass because it gives me access to

working spaces all across Chicago. It works for me because I like to change things up. It’s a very cool concept and I’m a big fan of it.”

-Kevin Yun, Co-founder of Beau 

Deskpass is an affordable coworking monthly membership offering access to over 25 of the finest shared workspaces in Chicago. Deskpass members can work at the same space up to 5 times every month or someplace new every day. Great amenities, awesome communities and a productive place to work are now at your fingertips. 

For Chicago startups, coworking spaces could be just for you (check out our piece on Chicago coworking spaces here). Coworking spaces have many benefits, including networking and perks. Check out a coworking space today! 


LineHire runs recruiting campaigns for us. They are a low cost recruiting tool that’s a mix of a platform and SaaS. When we need to hire a new manager for our accelerator, this is how we do it.”

-Derick Thompson, Founder and Managing Director of StartupRunner 

LineHire is a tool for in-house company recruitment teams, delivering companies interview-ready candidates that are qualified, interested and available. It’s part technology and part human powered.

If you’re a hot, up and coming startup, I’m sure you’re inundated with resumes and cover letters. LineHire allows you to sort through the mess and make sure you emerge with the best candidates, so you can hire the best people. 


“SketchDeck is awesome. They helped refine our Seed and Series A presentations. It worked out great!”

-Divey Gulati, Co-founder – ShipBob 

SketchDeck creates high quality sales and marketing assets, on demand. If you’re busy and need marketing materials, now you can outsource the work. Come up with an idea, and SketchDeck will assemble a creative team for you and produce samples for your consideration. 

Things at a startup can be hectic, but the world keeps turning. When you are feeling overwhelmed and have a big project coming up that you simply don’t have time to work on, send it over the SketchDeck and receive results in 24 hours.

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