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New Tools Roundup 7/7

We are always getting new tools recommended to us by founders, and we know it’s hard to stay up to date with the latest and greatest. That’s why we’ve put together this list featuring new email marketing tools, design tools, business intelligence/analytics tools and more. 

Business Intelligence/Analytics

“Mattermark can be pretty powerful for prospecting companies. They have predictive analytics around which companies are raising, etc., which helps us target clients. Mattermark has been very useful for us.”

-Coleman Skeeter, Co-founder and CEO of Truman James

Mattermark offers intelligence to the world’s leading dealmakers – venture capital, private equity, corporate development, sales and marketing professionals looking to take a data-driven approach to deal sourcing and due diligence. 

Mattermark is for companies that need data. It collects and organizes comprehensive information on the world’s fastest growing companies. In minutes, you get actionable data that lets you pinpoint the companies and people you need to know or do business with. 

Customer Service

“We LOVE Teckst, which is a text messaging service for software enterprises. Texting helps resolve issues faster, friendlier, and more conveniently than any other way. It syncs with our CRM and your customer service platform.”

-Chris LoPresti, Founder of TouchPoints

Teckst is the leading text messaging service for enterprises. Receive and send text messages with customers right within your CRM. Cut calls, emails, and web chats when you signup for Teckst, removing the need for developers.

Teckst is a useful tool if you want to directly interact with your customer base and cut out all the hassle, time commitment, and cost of web chat, email, or phone services. Teckst will get you back on track, so you are spending your time effectively.


“Canva is up there for our favorite tools. Every infographic, case study, social ad or message is made or accompanied by something our team creates using Canva.”

-Chris LoPresti, Founder of TouchPoints 

Canva makes graphic design amazingly simple for everyone, by bringing together a drag-and-drop design tool with a library of more than 1 million stock photographs, graphic elements and fonts. Use Canva’s professional layouts to design consistently stunning graphics. 

Canva is a great tool for designers to do their magic in a flash. The simplicity of the design and the plethora of images make creating that much easier. Canva simplifies the process and saves time. 

Email Marketing

“Email Hunter is a chrome plugin that will help you find people’s email address which can be really helpful for sales.”

-Phil Dougherty, Co-founder and CEO of ContainerShip 

Email Hunter works through massive amounts of data to create connections between professionals, finding email addresses on almost any website. Whether it be on a LinkedIn profile you particularly like or a news site you need a contact at, Email Hunter can find you contact information. 

This tool is especially useful when you need to find information, and you need to find it quickly. It can take too much time, skimming through articles or profiles to try to find someone’s email address. Save yourself some time with Email Hunter. 


“I love Google Inbox! It lets me bounce things back into my Inbox and it definitely makes me more productive.”

-Holly Cardew, Founder and CEO of Pixc 

Google Inbox is an effective tool to get you off email and back to work. In essence, it gives you the information you need without making you go through tons of emails. You can browse photos without opening a message, check reservations at a glance, and similar messages are bundled together. 

Google Inbox makes you rethink email organization. Building off of Gmail’s structure, Google Inbox refines the inbox and the inbox experience so it is more user friendly and a more productive use of time, getting you off your phone screen (and then back to your computer screen).

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