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New Tools Roundup #8

Every week we get new tools recommended to us by founders of startups. We handpick the best ones for our weekly roundups so you can try them out! This week, we’re highlighting some sales tools you can use at your startup.


Make outbound sales feel inbound

“Sendbloom is great for sales email automation. It was built by a small team in SF, and it’s just a pretty, intuitive product. I highly recommend it.”

– Joshua Goldstein, Co-founder of Underdog.io

Sendbloom is a sales automation tool that uses very complex segmentations and rules that allows you to send very targeted, personalized emails.

You can monitor and set rules on your campaign regarding how many “bumps” (follow-ups), email timing and then also monitor how your campaigns are doing with their rich analytics.


Social media lead generation at scale

“Socedo helps manage your Twitter followers, and follows people for you. It’s good overall, and reasonably priced.”

– Mike Molinet, Co-founder & COO of Branch Metrics

Socedo is a Twitter tool that lets you run various social demand generation campaigns to generate and manage prospects.

The workflows you can create and customize will engage with your leads in a personalized and relevant way, netting you better quality leads.


Simple, beautiful scheduling

“It’s super simple for first-time users to use. Calendly is a ridiculous time saver; we probably save 10 hours a week using it. It’s all we need for appointment setting.”

– Derick Thompson, Founder & Managing Director of StartupRunner

Calendly is a super simple to use scheduling tool. You send whoever you are trying to set up a meeting with a link to your available times, and after they choose it gets added to your Google Calendar, ending back and forth emails that usually happen when trying to set up a call, demo, or meeting.

Leadin by HubSpot

Start generating more leads in minutes

“Leadin alerts you when someone fills out a form on your website. Since it’s from the HubSpot global database, you’ll get a high-level summary of who’s contacting you.”

– Afifa Siddiqui, Co-founder & CEO of Careerleaf

Leadin is a tool made by HubSpot that is part of their free marketing tools. Leadin adds contact forms and pop-ups to your site. Then when a lead fills out a form, Leadin pulls data from social profiles to give you more information about them.


The future of documents

“PandaDoc is a great way to create proposals. I like it a lot so far. I’m fairly new at it. It’s taken me out of DocuSign and Microsoft Word.”

– Josh Weissburg, Co-founder of Outbound

When your closing deals and sending proposals, PandaDoc is a great tool to automate the process. Their all-in-one solution for client facing documents lets you manage quotes, proposals, contracts, signatures and more.

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