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New Tools Roundup 8/12

We are always getting new tools recommended to us by founders, and we know it’s hard to stay up to date with the latest and greatest. That’s why we’ve put together this list featuring new tools in project management, recruiting, and more.


“DiscoverOrg is a SaaS product that helps organize contact information. It has contact information for a lot of large organizations.”

-Chris Campbell, CEO of ReviewTrackers

DiscoverOrg is one of the most useful tools we’ve seen for collecting leads and data on people you need to be in contact with. Their experts are continuously updating their database, so you always have up to date information. DiscoverOrg provides the details of management and important people in scores of companies, so you know who to contact.

When you are a startup trying to make deals and connections, you need to know who the active decision makers are in the various organizations you are working with. DiscoverOrg provides that data and information you need, which results in better lead generation.


Codementor is revolutionizing the way we teach coding through 1:1 and group live teach sessions. Instead of pre-recorded videos where the instructor and the student have limited interaction. With Codementor, students get immediate feedback on their code and learn more effectively. Codementor partnered with Andela to expand their teaching into Africa.

We all know how important code and coding is. Every team needs a developer or a development team (we have a team of developers in Brazil). Codementor can help your teams members become better at their jobs and more productive, accurate employees. Instead of getting stuck on a section of code, you can have help working through it. No one likes losing sleep over bugs in the code.

Product Pains

“We use Product Pains mainly for when they run into bugs. But we also use Product Pains for feature requests and stuff like that. Product Pains has been incredible.”

-Vinay Hiremath, Founder and Head of Engineering of Opentest

Product Pains is kind of like the Stacklist for tech products. On Product Pains, you can check real reviews for companies like Soundcloud and PokemonGo. It is a great way to get reviews of products before accepting them yourself.

We all know the importance of good reviews to help you pick your product or tool. We’re Stacklist. That’s like all we do. Product Pains is a good alternative for startups, who are looking for advice on what tech products to pick.


“ScreenFlow is a screen capture tool. It makes it easy to create screencasts and videos. We’re launching some ads and demos and have been using ScreenFlow a lot. It’s very intuitive–you can jump in and understand it very quickly. ScreenFlow makes it easy to export videos to YouTube, Vimeo or whatever video hosting you’re using.”

-Ryan Evans, Co-founder of Tend

ScreenFlow is some of the best screencasting software we’ve seen. You can record anything you do on your Mac, edit it to perfection, and then share and export it out on multiple channels. This is great if you are demoing software or needing to share errors with developers. A picture is worth 1,000 words.

When you are running an early stage startup, you work with developers to fix bugs on your site. A lot of the time it’s hard to describe particular problems that seem unique on your computer. ScreenFlow allows you to communicate more effectively.


“We use some Temp Agencies to help us find staff for our call center. We tend not to use recruiting agencies. ClearCompany is a good talent sourcing tool. It helped us create and manage a more efficient recruiting process.”

-Ken Davis, CEO of TaskEasy

ClearCompany will help you manage talent and take them through the entire hiring process, from recruiting to onboarding. In addition, once you’ve added these members to your team, ClearCompany will help make sure that your employees’ goals are aligned with your team’s goals and oversee performance.

Every startup knows how important it is to build a team that is working towards the same ends and functions well together. ClearCompany eases this process and gives you access to a great pool of talent or, as they would call it, “A-Players.”

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