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New Tools Roundup 8/8

We are always getting new tools recommended to us by founders, and we know it’s hard to stay up to date with the latest and greatest. That’s why we’ve put together this list featuring new tools in CRM, design, and more. 


“We use Clockspot as our time clock. It’s been good.

“-Garyn Angel, Founder of Magical Butter

Clockspot is an online time sheet that helps monitor and keep track of who is working when. This tool is especially helpful if you have hourly employees. Your employees can clock in from any device, and managers can see in real time who is on shift. Remove speculation and uncertainty from your employee calendar. You can also easily see who has over time and who has taken time off. 

Startups often bring people on as needed. This can lead to some confusion as to who is needed and who should be off. Clockspot does a wonderful job of making sure you can access, change, and manager your employee schedule with ease. 


“Pixelmator is a great Adobe Photoshop alternative that has a onetime cost of $30.”

-Aziz Ali, Founder and Chief Instructor of iLoveCoding

Pixelmator is a really simple image editor that is really endorsed by our founders. It lets you enhance and touch up photos. There are also sketch, draw and paint, add text and shapes options. With Pixelmator, the options for graphic design are almost limitless. It closely resembles the capabilities of Photoshop and is a good option if you’re looking to switch. 

Startups, like all companies, have a need for graphic design and image alteration. This is used in promotional items, for articles, and for social media. Pixelmator will help you create the images you need to grow your business. 


“We use Portadi for logins. Everyone in the company uses it!”

-Ethan Anderson, Founder and CEO of MyTime

Portadi helps teams manage access to online accounts and app. All your accounts are stored in one easy to access portal, so you can see who has access to what. This is helpful in that not only can you restrict employees who don’t need access to sensitive accounts, but you can also provide entry into areas where you do need more of a team effort. 

One of the reasons Portadi is so good for startups is its ease of use and quick onboarding, which takes a matter of seconds. It’s also safe. While teams may share passwords, there is a multi-step authentication process, keeping your data, apps, and passwords secure. 


“I love Contactually. I think it’s the most intuitive, visually friendly CRM for a team to collaborate around.”

-Derick Thompson, Founder and Managing Director of StartupRunner

Contactually is all about making and keeping connections with potential customers. It allows you to nurture leads, develop repeat customers, and generate referrals. Contactually is one of the better and newer CRMs we’ve seen and is very adept at managing the customer experience while still being user friendly. They help you keep up to date on calendar events and upcoming tasks. 

As a startup, you want authentic, organic engagement. Contactually will help you get there. By devoting just a couple of minutes a day, Contactually helps you be on the mind of your high value leads, so you can turn them into customers.  


“Sales is all about rising to the top. The people we sell to get dozens-hundreds of emails a day from people pitching them services. To break through the noise, we use old school handwritten notes powered by Handwriting.io.”

-Chris LoPresti, Founder of TouchPoints

Handwriting.io turns automated responses into beautiful hand written notes. It makes your correspondence unique and stand out. Handwriting.io transforms your everyday communication into a personalized, handwritten note. 

Being a successful startup is all about knowing how to network, and much of networking is being able to stand out. Handwriting.io lets you differentiate yourself from your competition without seeming ostentatious. The personal touch can go very far.

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