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New Tools Roundup #9

Founders of startups have been happy to share the tools they use at their businesses. Every week we put together this roundup of our favorite new tools for you to try out! This week’s roundup features tools for analytics, meetings, clauses and more! Check them all out below.


Powerful scrum software that adapts to your team

“We use Axosoft for bug tracking. There are a lot of free tools available, but we chose this one because it has an interface that works for us. We have integrated it with Slack as well. You can enter bugs easily and update them later.”

– Dickey Singh, CEO & Co-founder of Pyze

Axosoft is scrum software for agile project management. Their software will make sure you have more visibility on your projects, meaning your team is more productive and focused.

With Axosoft, you can generate custom dashboards for a visual overview of your projects and create automatically updated Kanban boards. Axosoft also offers various integrations with products like Slack, Zapier, and GitHub.


Meet. Manage. Measure

“Teem simplifies our scheduling and makes it easy for people to coordinate. We are very data driven and with Teem, we can understand how our team is using the meeting rooms. We help our customers figure out which room needs which technology.”

– Zach Holmquist, Co-founder & CTO of Teem

Teem is a meeting room management and analytics solution. Teem lets your teammates schedule meeting rooms and other features that will let your company collaborate better.

Beyond that, Teem also includes powerful analytics features that will help you gain more insights into data points like how many people have met? How often do no-shows happen?


Give your team data, visibility, and insights as unique as your business

“We use Grow for our board members so that they can have insights into our analytics. It is great because it connects with every application and glues everything together in one dashboard. On top of this, it is very affordable.”

– Zach Holmquist, Co-founder & CTO of Teem

Grow is a business intelligence dashboard software for small and medium-sized businesses. It tells you all of your information in real time and is very easy to use. It’s simple enough for non-analysts to use, but still delivers robust insights for your company.


The easiest way to share and celebrate what you get done

“iDoneThis is great. It lets us keep track, in a very flexible environment, of what we each got done on any given day.”

– Nick Gray, Founder & CEO of Museum Hack

iDoneThis is a simple email-based productivity log for you and your team. Just reply to one email a day, and your whole team stays coordinated, engaged and motivated.

iDoneThis will give you greater visibility on to how your teammates are doing – especially helpful for distributed teams.


Find your clause fast, for free

“Clausehound is another company from Toronto. We are planning on using their platform later on for legal documents that our client could buy and customize for their contests.”

– Gil Katz, Co-founder of ComicReply

Clausehound will help you draft and download legal contracts easily. With their vast library of resources, explanations, and tutorials, you have an easy way to draft and review contract clauses.

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