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In The News 7/14

Tech Tears into Trump

145 major tech leaders and founders, from companies such as Facebook and Twitter, released a letter on the Huffington Post on July 14th, blasting Donald Trump’s candidacy for president as bad for tech and bad for innovation. This letter was not an endorsement of Hillary Clinton, but a stand against Trump.

The letter decries Trump’s immigration stances and isolationism, which would hinder the free movement of peoples and exchange of ideas that is crucial to the staffing, funding, and goings on of the startup and tech industries.

Read the full letter here.

Britain’s Leaving, so are Startups?

TechCrunch this week examined the effects of the Brexit thus far on the British startup scene. While there have been few concrete moves, uncertainty lingers in the air. Several funding deals have fallen through and founders are worried that raising capital will be much more difficult now that Britain has voted to leave the EU.

There is talk among some British startups of leaving the UK all together and moving to continental hubs, such as Berlin, in response to the Brexit. Many firms talk of investing more on the continent in order to gain access to the single market the EU offers.

Read more here.

“How Can I Help You”

As reported by TechCrunch, Zendesk’s latest tool, “Automatic Answers,” is a service that responds to customer emails without needing a human being on the other end. This service employs AI and machine learning technology, meaning that Zendesk’s responses will get smarter and better with every interaction.

While Automatic Answers will initially only be an email tool, Zendesk is planning rapid expansion with this technology into other channels, including Twitter and other social media platforms. In this manner, they hope to automate much of the customer experience. 

Read more here.

Supporting Startups: 2.0

In a feature by Tech.co, Grand Central Tech, a New York based accelerator, announced it’s latest class which drew over 1,000 startup applicants and accepted 20.

GCT has established an innovative model through offering free coworking spaces for a handful of lucky companies all while taking no equity stake. Grand Central Tech promises networking opportunities, as well as ongoing support for startups that establish themselves in their space. This is a novel way to invest in startups and their future.

Read more here.

Musing on LinkedIn

The Muse has come up with a some LinkedIn tips tricks to make your profile better.

Engaging with your network is key. It is through them that new opportunities arise and that you network more efficiently. Comment, like, and endorse. Always check your profile for errors. These small typos will turn people off. Make sure to share content to help establish your brand and as an influencer in your industry. Get rid of connections that are no longer valuable or reflect poorly on your profile. You want to seem surrounded by only the best and the brightest – like you!

Read more here.

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