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Stop Using These Stock Photos

Stock photos are great. They’re an awesome addition to any blog and makes the content you create more engaging and easier to read. For startups, hiring a photographer or making custom graphic designs can be costly and superfluous for content marketing campaigns, which is why stock photo sites are the best. 

I’m a big fan of Unsplash and Death to the Stock Photo for stock photos. Unsplash has a huge library of images you can use and the monthly kits you get emailed from DttSP are really unique and excellent quality.

But, one of the dangers of using stock photos is that it could make your blog feel unoriginal, especially if the reader has seen the same image on other sites before. You want your blog to stand out! So when picking stock photos, try to find ones that aren’t used in too many publications. And maybe avoid these:

Guy Typing on a Mac

As Seen In:

The Muse

Huffington Post


Guy Typing on a Mac #2

As Seen In:




2 Guys with Macs Looking at a Sheet of Paper

As Seen In:

This Popular Medium Post



Mass Planner

“People at a Desk with Notebooks and Drinks and One Guy with His Arms Open Like “Are you serious, bro?”

Bustle is a big fan of this one.

As Seen In:

Startup World

This Coworking Space’s Landing Page


This other Bustle article

And this other Bustle article

Guy Drawing Some Serious Charts and Stuff on a Whiteboard

As Seen In:



This Medium Post

One of our old blog posts

Someone Googling Something on an iPad

45564413 – chiangmai,thailand – april 19, 2015: photo of ipad device with a google search app running

As Seen In:


Huffington Post

Insider Monkey

Close Up of 2 Pens as Someone is Typing

As Seen In:




Someone About To Buy A Bunch of Stuff on eBay

As Seen In:




Closing Thoughts

Make sure to follow some guidelines when choosing stock photos for your blog posts. CoSchedule outlines some great oneswhich include:

  • Make sure they’re copyright free
  • Related to your post/headline
  • Different from other blogs

Your company, your blog, your brand, are all unique to you. Give your readers a feel for your brand by using unique images to your blog! Or, just some less commonly used stock photos.

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