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Peter Reinhardt, Segment

Founder: Peter Reinhardt, Co-founder & CEO

Company: Segment

Employees: 10-50

Stage: Series A


Segment is a powerful data tracking platform that sits on top of your website and sends data to other tools, including business intelligence, advertising, sales and support apps. The solution makes it easy for customers to collect their data, analyze it and send it to any of their apps. Segment’s formidable list of over 170 integrations means that customers can automatically forward data to any tool, without having to install new code.

About Peter Reinhardt

After aeronautics research stints at MIT, Iomys Labs and the Naval Postgraduate School, Peter has focused his background in mathematics and aerospace engineering on the software industry. In 2011, he co-founded Segment in 2011, a central hub for customer data.

You’re in the complex world of data analytics. How would you explain BI/analytics tools to a new startup?

There are a lot of niche tools out there that will help you execute on specific jobs you’ll need to do to grow your business: email marketing, retargeting, product analytics, customer support, etc. You’ll probably end up using many of them. As a result, it’s really important to think about your objectives and key metrics you’re trying to achieve from the beginning, so you’re focused and not overwhelmed as you run campaigns and analysis. Eventually, as you have more granular and business-specific questions, you’ll need access to your raw data in a SQL format. We see companies graduate or add on BI tools to out-of-the-box analytics tools after about 1-2 years of fast growth.

Segment is a unique analytics tool. How does it differ from other analytics software?

We’re a separate category that’s adjacent to a number of different tool categories like analytics, CRMs and email service providers. Those tools are all built on top of customer data, they just all do something different with it. They gather information so you can run great support, send great automated emails, learn what customers are doing, etc., but it’s all the same data. Our goal is to get you the raw data from all of your different apps–there are 160 tools that you can use on top of Segment–so that you can determine the best way to use it.

How big of a factor is cost as you selecting tools and services for Segment?

Cost has not been a huge factor for us, but we were well-funded when we started. If we were bootstrapped, it would be much different. Price is a factor that easily varies based on the status of your company.

You’re extremely up to date on business apps. Are there any new tools coming out soon that you’d recommend?

Dropbox Notes is awesome. It works a little bit like a wiki, but it’s made by the Hackpad team. We’re one of the beta users, and it’s awesome for keeping track of internal docs. Dropbox Notes has become our repository for storing and collaborating on a variety of topics, like our values, expectations and hiring philosophy. We just got to the point where that information couldn’t live in our heads anymore.  
Follow Peter and Segment here: @reinpk@segment

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