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The Best Project Management Add-Ons, Integrations & Plugins

Employing the proper project management tools into your workflow increases precision, encourages coordination and saves time. Below are some of the best free and paid tools that serve as add-ons or enhanced integrations into a basic setup.

The Best Project Management Tools for JIRA

As one of the most popular agile project management tools on the market, JIRA has inspired entire libraries of open source add-ons and integrations that business management professionals have found useful, and these libraries continue to expand. Here are some of the most useful plugins for JIRA.

Issue Sync for JIRA by Unito

If you have a team that works in different base applications or industry standard tools, Issue Sync is an easy way to synchronize their efforts without requiring that everyone learn a single platform. If part of your team uses GitHub, another department prefers Asana, and another Wrike, you do not have to switch between platforms to stay productive.

Simplified Planner for JIRA by J-Tricks

This comprehensive tool for project plan creation simplifies the workflow process into a language that anyone can understand. Keep your productivity high without a need for the bureaucracy that comes from having to hire a workflow manager.

MS Project importer for JIRA by Ricksoft Inc.

This is among the most useful of all project management apps because of the ubiquity of Microsoft Project in many industries. With the Importer, you can move your MS Project tasks directly into JIRA, displaying features in a format that is still familiar to MS Project users.

Visualizer for JIRA by Expium LLC

Although vanilla JIRA is quite the robust free project management software package, the Visualizer enhances it all the more by providing fodder for people who may prefer to view their projects in visual form. With the Visualizer, each issue is placed on its own card as an attractive canvas that can be scrolled and otherwise manipulated.

Pin-it! JIRA Plugin by Ugubi

With Pin-It, a JIRA user can pin the most important and pressing issues to the top of the JIRA board, much like a Twitter profile. This provides those issues with increased visibility and accessibility for the entire team, and also gives the team a sense of priority.


Just as the MS Project Importer allows a team to import projects into JIRA from MS Project, ImpEx allows for easy import and export to and from Microsoft Excel. Easily upgrade from the basic spreadsheet into a new world of project management while retaining the convenient and comfortable feature set and look of an Excel project.

Issue Subtask Types for JIRA by Broken Build

If your team has trouble properly delegating tasks and staying within a framework of expertise, the Issue Subtask Types plugincan work wonders for you. This plugin offers administration the ability to define the types of subtasks that each individual can create for a parent issue.

Agilefant Business Execution for JIRA by Agilefant Ltd

The Agilefant Business Execution add-on helps to synchronize business plans with work that is in JIRA. The add-on supports Scaled Agile Framework as well as roadmapping.

The Best Project Management Tools for WordPress

Still the number one content management system in the world, WordPress continues to draw in new users because of its ease of use and status as semipro industry standard. Here are just a few of the add-on developments that continue to expand the capabilities of the WordPress platform.

SP Project & Document Manager

If you are incorporating different types of media files into your business, then a WordPress add-on system that allows you to centralize and homogenize the management of those documents is a great help. This is what the SP Project & Document Manager does best. You gain a library of project thumbnails, file collaboration capabilities, versioning capabilities, and a fully responsive layout.

BP GTM System

“BP GTM System” is an acronym for the incredibly wordy BuddyPress Group Tasks Management System. However you choose to say it, the BP GTM System is a great find for enhancing your development process through the organized addition of tasks within a precise workflow. The BP GTM System is compatible with the TinyMCE system. Once created, you can assign tasks to particular individuals in your organization, discuss tasks within their own threads and sync tasks with other aspects of the project.

WordPress Task Manager

The WordPress Task Manager plugin is a fairly straightforward and instantly compatible add-on to your WordPress CMS that allows you to track your activities with more precision. You can also more accurately assign specific activities to people within your organization.

OrbisIf you are looking for a fully featured business management tool that gives you highly flexible features depending on your industry, then Orbis is perhaps the only plugin that you will need for WordPress. You gain the ability to add projects, organize them within your organization, easily expand projects and communicate conveniently with everyone via the open comment structure.

Project Panorama

Project Panorama may overwhelm you with its feature set at first, but it is one of the easiest plugins to use if you are trying to streamline a workflow. The secret of Project Panorama lies in its visualization – a project manager can easily create new steps within a project with a few clicks without any knowledge of old school project management features. The visual tools make it extremely easy to communicate exactly where a project is to a team comprised of people in different departments.

The Best Project Management Tools for Salesforce

The industry standard for customer based business and premium CRM functionality, Salesforce consistently offers its users new and exciting ways to speed up communications with individuals or suppliers who are looking for faster ways to do business. Here are just a few of the project management tools that you can add to Salesforce for a better experience.

Smartsheet for SalesforceIf you are looking for a great plugin for a cloud-based CRM platform, Smartsheet is your link to the future when it comes to Salesforce. You can easily upgrade your projects from simpler platforms such as the Microsoft suite of applications, and you can immediately link your old Salesforce records to the projects that you edit inside of Smartsheet.


The slightly clunky name belies the ease of use that WORKetc brings to the Salesforce platform. It brings billing, CRM and management features seamlessly into a platform that a small business that is upgrading from Google and Microsoft Office Suite can easily use to be more professional.

TaskRayTaskRay is the project management app to use if you are bringing in a team of people from different disciplines. You can communicate between departments in larger companies easily and organize to do lists that let everyone know exactly what task needs to get done by what person at what time. Create agile workflows that you can then use across projects if they translate.


Wrike continues to be a go in the best project management tools suite for SMBs. Wrike has perhaps the easiest integration with Salesforce of any add-on, and it also provides responsive project management that integrates with Android and iPhone applications.

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