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How to Run Your Company Through Slack

Everyone’s favorite communication tool is growing and growing. With different bots and integrations getting released every day, the Slack ecosystem is expanding at an exponential pace. Slack is so big they are comfortable encouraging and giving advice to their rising competitors (even if they are as big as Microsoft).

While Slack is applauded for cutting down email and being a great internal place for notes and docs for teams, it’s sometimes known to be distracting or unproductive.

With 68% of startups using Slack, we thought it would be a good idea to put together the best bots and integrations to help you run your company efficiently throughout the day.

Project management bots for Slack

1. Kyber

Kyber is productivity suite/project management tool for Slack. You can assign tasks to people in your Slack channel, and add documents and snippets to different tasks in case the project is more complex. You can also set schedules, automate workflows and arrange meetings with people in your Slack channel.

2. Busybot

Busybot is a team task management bot that lets you assign different tasks in Slack and then organizes them into different Slack channels, based on category.

Meeting bots for Slack

3. Geekbot

Product teams love standup meetings and Geekbot makes it easy to do them asynchronously. You’ll get updates on what your teammates are working on, their progress and areas where they might need help. If you’re handling a remote team, but miss doing standup meetings, Geekbot is a great bot to add to your Slack channel.

4. Room

Clunky video chat software, move aside. The Room integration is making it super easy for Slack users to connect by video. With a simple slash command, everyone in your Slack channel can join a video conference via a URL. Room is perfect for video chats and screen sharing and is perfect for hosting a quick standup meeting via Slack.

5. Meeting Bot

Meeting Bot is similar to Kyber, but it only focuses on meetings. And it’s really good at focusing at meetings. Along with quickly setting up meetings between people in your Slack channel, you also get analytics on how much time you spent on meetings, how productive your teammates feel they are and more.

6. Beer Time

Beer Time is similar to Meeting Bot, but it only focuses on beer meetings. And it’s really good at focusing at beer meetings. You can schedule different beer times and find out which beer times are coming up. Any weaknesses in this otherwise brilliant bot? You can’t have more than one beer time in a day 🙁

7. Yodel

Yodel is great for startups that need a phone number to register their business with Google or Facebook, but don’t want to put their personal phone on the internet. With Yodel, startups get a phone number and are able to send and receive calls via Slack.

Yodel works on Android and Google Chrome natively, with iOS features in beta. They’re also working on video chat, which should be coming out soon.

Customer service bots for Slack

8. MailClark

MailClark lets you send emails from Slack and focuses on the customer service use case. By adding MailClark to a channel, the whole team can respond to customer service emails. MailClark sorts email different channels to delegate respondents.

9. Chatlio

Chatlio is a customer service bot that lets you communicate with your users via Slack. Users see a chat box on your site, and you can relay messages to them via your Slack channel. If you’re looking for a way to do a live chat with your customer via Slack, definitely check out Chatlio. See what Guillame Cabane, the former Head of Growth Marketing at Mention said about Chatlio:

“I cannot stress enough how much bringing live chat to Slack is a game-changer. It means not having to open a browser tab, wait for the app to load and hope the person on the other side is still there waiting for you. With Chatlio, anyone on my team can hop on and answer a customer question, which means we can send someone from customer support to sales in seconds, without interruption. It’s the ultimate collaborative support tool, and I like that it also offers a strategy to handle the chat when the team is out of office.”

HR bots for Slack

10. Donut

Donut encourages coworkers to meet so teams can get to know each other better. Donut arranges coffee and lunch meetings between colleagues buffering against cliques and social monotony. Donut works best in a large startups, but for any small team, or for a new hire, Donut is a helpful tool to get someone acquainted with the talent you’ve worked hard to hire.

11. Konsus

If you need a job done that someone on your time might not be able to do, check out Konsus. Konsus will help you find top freelancers. By adding Konsus to Slack, you have direct access to a pool of top freelancers to outsource certain projects, along with a project manager to help you coordinate your project.

12. Leo

Leo is made by Officevibe and measures employee performance and satisfaction. You’ll ask your employees questions, and you’ll receive anonymous feedback. It’s a great way to use it to measure employee happiness and help build a better office culture. Shanon Marks, uses it at MU/DAI, a design firm, and says:

“Officevibe has an amazing AI integration into Slack. Leo from Officevibe is a Slackbot that will check in and give you incredible project reports, soliciting feedback and providing project checkpoints. As we get bigger and better at using these tools, this is going to be a great management tool.”

13. Abacus

Abacus made a useful Slack integration that helps you manage expenses at your company. Employees submit receipts which admins approve (or not!) through Abacus. The ease of Abacus mitigates the paperwork and headaches that come from managing corporate cards and managing reimbursements.

Analytics bots for Slack

14. Statsbot

We live and die by Google Analytics. Most other startups do too since it’s the most ubiquitous analytics too among startups. Statsbot will give you all of your important analytics metrics in Slack. Ask Statsbot analytical questions, and it will respond with relevant reports and charts. Statsbot also sends you smart alerts when it detects unusual spikes in your data.

Statsbot also integrates with Mixpanel and Salesforce making it easy for Slack users to track user behavior and the sales pipe.

15.  Relay

Relay provides valuable information about how your users are using your product. Relay sets up a user activity stream in a Slack channel that lets you know what your users are doing. You can configure what events you want to track and how often you want the stream to be updated.

16. Lighthouse

Lighthouse is a Slack bot created by the same team that made Leo. Lighthouse is all about Slack analytics. It scans for inactive channels, monitors account, and channel activity. Secure your Slack by adding an administration layer over it with Lighthouse.

Productivity bots for Slack

17. Must-read

One of the main complaints about Slack is that they don’t do threaded messages. So if you aren’t keeping up with what’s going on in your Slack channel, you might be missing something important. With the Must-read bot, you tag the people who need to see the Slack message you’re posting and then they have to confirm that they’ve seen it. At the start of the day, it sends you all the messages you haven’t read that you were tagged in.

18. Protocanaanite

If you’re second-guessing whether you’re using a word correctly or not, check out the Protocanaanite bot. With simple slash commands, you get dictionary definitions and synonyms, and they can be public or private.

19. Marker

Marker is awesome. Their Chrome extension lets you take screenshots and annotate them with arrows, text, emojis and more so you can point out certain things you’ve seen on the web. The Slack integration lets you easily share the annotated screenshot to appropriate Slack channels.

For example, if you’re working with developers, you can use Marker to point out certain bugs and communicate it visually instead of writing several Slack messages.

20. Habitbot

Get better at developing habits (hopefully good habits, not bad habits) with Habitbot. You assign daily habits to yourself and to your teamWhen you’re using the team feature of Habitbot, you get updates on a leaderboard, showing who on your team is completing the action the most – and doing the best job of habit building.

21. TrackingTime

The TrackingTime Slack bot lets you track the time that you and your teammates spend on tasks and creates timesheets. Slash commands will display your tasks, see what everyone is working on, and statistics on everyone’s productivity.

22. Humblebot

Get supportive messages every day with this Slack bot. You’ll get lovely little gems like:

“Acknowledge someone for their efforts by leaving them a handwritten thank you note.”

Unproductivity bots for Slack

Warning: these bots will not help you get more work done. But, they’re super fun and make Slack an even better place to communicate with your team. Or, if you’re a fan of the Pomodoro technique, these are fun bots to use during your 5-minute break.

23. GameMonk

As the name suggests, GameMonk is all about games. But GameMonk focuses specifically on games are meant to be engaging and get your team’s creative juices flowing. All games can be played in 90 seconds. Perfect for when you need a quick breather.

24. Meme bot

Meme bot is hilarious. Even the least meme-obsessed among us will enjoy it. We love how Meme bot lets you generate memes in Slack. With a few simple slash commands, you can convey your emotions to your teammates through classic memes.

25. Slacker

Want to troll your teammates? Mess with their heads a little? Slacker will let you do just that by posting to your Slack channel as characters or celebrities from pop culture. Did someone mess up? Use Slacker to have Donald Drumpf enter your Slack channel and say “you’re fired!”

. . .

If you’re looking for more Slack bots, check out the Slack app directory for more integrations, bots, and tools to add to your Slack channels.

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