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The Stacklist Community Speaks: Stripe Is the Best Credit Card Processor for Startups

Of all the credit card processors, the Stacklist community agrees that Stripe is the current market-leading solution for startups. Recommended for all startups, Stripe has become almost ubiquitous in this space. Built specifically with developers in mind, Stripe offers a set of unified APIs to help business manage web and mobile payments. “A few years ago there were a bunch of processors that you would compare, but now Stripe is really the only one to consider,” says Brian Fitzgerald, founder of Tinkergarten. “We know the credit card industry very well, and Stripe is hands down the best–by far,” exclaims Alex Taub, co-founder of SocialRank.

What’s so great about Stripe?

Why do over 40% of Stacklist users choose it over other payment processors? Its features are not too distinct from its competitors, covering customizable payment forms, card storage, automatic processing and the ability to handle foreign currency. But what really sets it apart is its seamless integrations with other applications—a real time saver that quickly proves its worth in lean startups. “Any CEO will recommend stripe because it’s much easier to integrate with your systems,” says Nobu Nakaguchi, co-founder of Zola. If you’re interested in integrating Stripe with your existing tools, you’ll find an early endless list of services with which it integrates, from e-commerce tools to invoicing, accounting, analytics, email marketing, CRM and more. And if you can’t find any of your existing tools on this list, Stripe invites you to reach out and they’ll simply add those tools to the list!

Here are just a few of the other things Stacklist users love about Stripe.

  • Usability: “It’s just so easy to use for our developers. It removes the headache from the entire coding process.” – Wade Foster, Zapier
  • User experience: Stripe has done a great job of branding and differentiating itself, and there are little usability functions in the consumer workflow that make it a nice tool.” – James Rohrbach, Fluent City
  • Tracking: Stripe has great tracking. You can go into the dashboard and get active numbers about specific data, including processing fees, refunds, outstanding orders and more. This is something we couldn’t get with our previous credit card processor.” – Nobu Nakaguchi, Zola
  • Foreign currency: Stripe has been rapidly embracing international payment. We get a lot of Chinese customers, and Stripe‘s platform for foreign currency is the best.” – Jameson Detweiler, Fantasmo Studios
  • Cost: Stripe charges 2.9% + 30 cents for each successful charge, but “we gave them financial goals, and they’ve worked with us on reducing rates.” – Benji Markoff, Founder Shield
  • Customer service: Stripe has unparalleled customer service. When we were deciding between payment gateways, one of their engineers spent an hour with us helping implement Stripe as a trial. I have no complaints against it, other than the commission can be high when you have a lot of revenue.” – Thomson Nguyen, Framed Data
  • Startups know startups: “We like the flexibility of Stripe, as well as the ability to create a fully Kickstarter experience for our users, rather than dumping a backer out in a payments processing system during checkout.” – Bridget Best, Kickstarter

And there you have it. It’s not really our style to sing unabashed praises about one particular tool, but in those instances where we hear nothing but positives, we feel it’s our civic duty to tell you about it! Bob Casey, VP of Platform Development at Clover Wireless sums it up: Stripe boasts an “insanely simple API, great support and beautiful design. It is in a different universe than our prior merchant service providers.” The end. If we hear otherwise, we’ll let you know.

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