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Will the real Amy Ingram please stand up? Smart scheduling for startups

Have you been getting a lot of administrative emails from a certain Amy Ingram? Calendar requests from her brother Andrew? You’re not alone! These two worker bees aren’t flesh and blood, but rather software agents created by x.ai, who ease the workload on startups the world over. With over 10 billion meetings taking place in the US each year, online scheduling tools are a great way to minimize the time-consuming back and forth of calendar management.

16% of Stacklisters who use scheduling tools give Amy and Andrew rave reviews, and speak about them as one would a close colleague. “We love using x.ai for scheduling. Amy is amazing! Big props to Amy!,” says Anjelika Kour, Founder & CEO of Brick & Portal, and Coleman Skeeter, CEO of Truman James notes that the platform “almost completely eliminates back and forth emails scheduling meetings.”

But it seems that nearly all virtual assistants and scheduling software used by Stacklisters garner the same level of affection from entrepreneurs who are just tickled to have arduous and time-consuming minutiae off their plate. The most popular scheduling services among our users are Calendly and Sunrise, used by 26% and 16% of Stacklisters, respectively, while others love Assistant.toOverlapWhen I Work and YouCanBook.Me. As opposed to the more personal–though equally automated–approach of x.ai, these function more as straight-up calendar schedulers. 

Calendly, used by startups including RebootBook In A Box and Oktopost, enables users to send their schedule via a Calendly link, and have recipients book a time directly. Sam Utne, Managing Director at Impact Hub NYC uses the tool for all of his scheduling and notes, “I’ve alone probably gotten about 100 people to start using it because anytime I use it, the person I’m scheduling with falls in love with it too.”

Sunrise, which originally started as a basic calendar app that only worked with Google, now supports iCloud and Exchange and has a ton of integrations, including LinkedIn, Facebook, EvernoteTrello and Foursquare. Benji Markoff, Founder/CEO of Founder Shield, loves that Sunrise “also adds things from your calendar right into the keyboard on your phone. So, when you’re writing an email, you don’t have to try to add in the event from a separate app.”

In a similar vein, some startups also offload conference room booking to similar platforms. Ampush, for instance, uses Envoy for scheduling conference rooms and signing visitors into the office, and AlleyNYC uses Robin and Get A Room for similar purposes. 

In the fast-paced, schedule-packed world of startups, there’s no room for bottlenecks caused by scheduling itself. To save precious time and money, online scheduling tools and calendar apps are just the ticket.

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