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Zenefits and ZenPayroll: A recipe for success

Any startup that’s explored the HR administration and payroll landscape will vouch for the daunting array of choices and the complexity that comes with getting to know the competitive benefits space, and the nuances involved in regulatory compliance. Choosing a PEO is one way to offload all of those tasks, but it’s not for everyone. For those who’ve opted to forge their own path, Stacklist users have spoken: Using Zenefits and ZenPayroll together gives you an easy way of managing the entire HR spectrum in house, at a fraction of the cost of a PEO.

What do Zenefits and ZenPayroll do?

First, the basics: Zenefits offers affordable benefits and a simple administration all in one place (though some feel that it’s a bit narrow in terms of health plan offerings). ZenPayroll focuses solely on payroll for small businesses, and boasts a simple interface that pleases users to no end. The two sync seamlessly together, covering the full breadth of HR functions. Great customer service, sleek interfaces and overall simplicity round out the package for a stellar user experience that the Stacklist community loves.

Why do companies love Zenefits and ZenPayroll?

60% of all Stacklist startups have opted out of the PEO model; of those, almost 25% choose the Zenefits-ZenPayroll platform. Here’s why:

  • “I love Zenefits and ZenPayroll. They have a great team, and their interface is really simple and easy to use.” — Mattan Griffel, Founder/CEO of One Month
  • “It was extremely easy and cheap to implement. At our stage it was the most convenient solution available. It’s rather selective in terms of health plans though. ZenPayroll provides a very good interface for employees and for administrators. It was also easy to set up.” — Thomson Nguyen, Founder/CEO of Framed Data
  • Zenefits has a very easy-to-use interface, but the downside is that you still have to manually pay your bills (they won’t automatically deduct from your account). I have only good things to say about ZenPayroll. I had previously worked with TriNet, but ZenPayroll is much less clunky and easier to work with.” — Steve Kaliski, Founder/CTO of Bowery
  • Zenefits and ZenPayroll offer a really straightforward and nice interface. They keep things really simple. It’s what you would expect from a 21st century HR platform.” — Nick Taranto, Founder/CEO of Plated

There’s one last point that really sets the Zenefits-ZenPayroll duo apart from the pack: Cost. Zenefits is always free, and is rated the #1 free HR administration tool by the Stacklist community. The company receives payment from benefits providers without affecting user pricing. There are no contracts, and no fee required for any of their services. ZenPayroll, while not free, is also a low-cost option: After a free two-month trial period, it charges $25 per month as a base fee, plus $4 per employee each month.

With the Zenefits-ZenPayroll platform, startups come out with a full suite of HR and payroll administration services, at a fraction of the cost they would have shelled out for a PEO and most other combinations of HR and payroll services.

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