Communication and Collaboration

How to Run Your Company Through Slack

Everyone’s favorite communication tool is growing and growing. With different bots and integrations getting released every day, the Slack ecosystem is expanding at an exponential pace. Slack is so big they are comfortable encouraging and giving advice to their rising competitors (even if they are as big as Microsoft). While Slack is applauded for cutting down email […]

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A Day in Slack

Along with 66% of startups on Stacklist, Slack is part of the lifeblood of Stacklist. In our channel, called #danger (we’re badass, right?), we spend all day sending ideas, proposals, and the occasional gif (our founder Amanda loves the gifs, don’t you Amanda). Basically, we live in Slack. And that got us thinking about what […]

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The 11 Best Collaboration Tools (That You’re Not Already Using)

Collaboration is the lifeblood of every startup. Whether you’re logging onto Skype each day to talk to your remote team or piling into a conference room to catch up with your staff, there’s no way you’d be successful if that magical exchange of ideas, advice, inspiration, and guidance didn’t take place. And, of course, the right tools […]

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Slack Crack: A balanced critique of startups’ favorite drug

Breaking news: Startups love Slack! 64% of the Stacklist community uses the Slack and, as we’ve said before, they’re not afraid to sing its praises—integrations, sleek interface, overall simplicity, etc. In addition to using Slack for internal communication, about 10% of startups are also putting it to work for file sharing and project management, and even a […]

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Slack vs. the Other Guys: Taking Your Startup’s Communication to the Next Level

Here at Stacklist, we’re not biased—we’re just reporting what we hear from founders and operators. Those folks, however, are incredibly biased, and here’s what they have to say: When it comes to internal communication tools, Slack is king. And for a variety of reasons: its top-of-the-line integrations, sleek interface, overall simplicity and more—we’ll get into that later. […]

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Maximize Collaboration and Productivity with Internal Communication Tools

Work is growing more complex, with projects often requiring close team collaboration, rather than individuals working on their own. To foster effective collaboration and maximum productivity, it’s important to remove as many barriers to communication as possible. While traditional email platforms may do the trick for very small teams, they ultimately create clutter and noise […]

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