Content Marketing

Advice for the Early Stage Startup: Just. Medium.

Last week, I was asked 5 times what CMS or blogging platform a new startup should use. I recommended Medium each time. Everyone knows that Medium is an awesome place to discover content. And startup adoption of Medium for both content management and distribution is growing quickly; according to our own research, nearly 10x as many startups and […]

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Where to Post Freelance Writing Jobs? Stacklist Reviews 6 Tools to Use

Content is at the center of what we do at Stacklist. We interview founders, and our blog is one of the main ways we synthesize our learning to make them accessible and actionable to readers. So we are almost always in the market for writers. Smart writers. Writers who can work with Stacklist research, understand […]

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Stop Using These Stock Photos

Stock photos are great. They’re an awesome addition to any blog and makes the content you create more engaging and easier to read. For startups, hiring a photographer or making custom graphic designs can be costly and superfluous for content marketing campaigns, which is why stock photo sites are the best.  I’m a big fan […]

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6 Essential Marketing Tools for Building A Customer-Focused Brand

Today’s consumer marketing landscape is not as straightforward as it used to be. Before the internet age, before things like Facebook, Snapchat, and Yelp even existed, you could deliver impressive results with a catchy 30-second ad on FM radio, a prime time TV spot capped off with your clever slogan, or a half-page placement on […]

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The 4 Best Landing Page Powerhouses for Inbound Marketing

Landing pages are essential to both the marketing and sales process. To quote the esteemed Landing Page Course school of thought, here’s the NSAMCWADLP principle: “Never Start A Marketing Campaign Without A Dedicated Landing Page.” Point taken. Landing pages are hugely important for inbound traffic, customer engagement, and ultimately your goal transaction. Landing pages can play […]

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A Deep Dive Into Moz’s Products

Here at Stacklist, we’ve heard a lot of great things about Moz from the founders we’ve interviewed. What is it? Moz is software that helps companies with inbound marketing. Currently, 3% of startups on Stacklist use Moz, making it one of the more popular SEO marketing tools. But it was the praise founders had for Moz that […]

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