Customer Service

Zendesk’s Automatic Answers FAQ

“We tried a couple of different tools and we found this provided the best experience. As we continue to add things focused on customer service, Zendesk is the most robust one out there.” -Jeff Ernst, Co-founder and CEO ofSmync Zendesk is the industry standard when it comes to customer service tools, appearing on 22% of stacklists. […]

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Early Stage Startup? You’ll Like This Minimalist Help Desk Software

No matter how solid your product is, you’re bound to get the occasional unhappy, frustrated, or annoyed customer. Like this one:  When you get a message like this, would you rather shoot them a speedy but ineffective response (“So sorry you’re having trouble—we’re working on it!”) or a slow but effective one (“Figured out the issue, […]

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When Do You Need a Customer Service Tool?

As startups scale, customer service software becomes all but inevitable. But when is that precise moment when it becomes necessary to move from a manual email/phone-based customer support process to a more automated solution? According to our database: 50% of seed-stage startups use a customer service tool 56% of series A startups use a customer […]

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How to Choose the Right Customer Service Tool

It’s no secret that once your customer base gets to a certain size, it becomes necessary to automate your customer support process. So how do you go about selecting the right software? Which will best suit your business needs and best accommodate your particular customers? What to look for in a customer service tool To […]

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