Email Marketing

Tools 101: The Startup Marketing Stack

When you’re trying to scale your startup, choosing the right marketing tools can mean the difference between 2X and 10X growth. Some tools are too extensive or powerful—using them would be like swinging a machete for a surgical job. On the other hand, some tools are too limited—they’ll work for your first 300 customers, but […]

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5 Email Marketing Tools To Use After MailChimp

“MailChimp is simple, easy, and gets the job done. We use them for our monthly newsletters. They’ve got the right tools and templates for beginners to pick up on quickly, but they also have developer features in case you want to run more complex email campaigns. We have a lot of clients who also use […]

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Email Marketing for Early-stage Startups

An email marketing service is a platform that enables you to stay connected with your customer base and promote your business. There are many email marketing tools out there offering a range of infrastructure, customizability and analytics services. Some are geared toward smaller, early-stage companies, while others specialize in the needs of enterprise-level businesses. Think […]

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Marketing Emails vs. Transactional Emails

Both marketing emails and transactional emails help startups drive customer acquisition and retention, as well as grow revenue. But what’s the difference between marketing and transactional emails? And which are the best email marketing platforms for helping startups maximize the benefits of email marketing? Read on! What’s the difference between marketing emails and transactional emails? […]

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Have You Outgrown Your Email Marketing Platform?

So you’ve been using the MailChimps and Constant Contacts of the world, and you’re just not getting the same value for your money as you were when you were sending two email campaigns per month to a modest customer list. Your customer base is growing, you’ve got lots of ideas in the marketing pipeline, and a growing […]

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